Daily Archives: August 10, 2020

I have the time to post something in the blog, but nothing to say

Ain’t that always the case? Time to write, nothing to write about. Stuff to write about, no time to write. Still haven’t heard anything from the home office since they told me to be ready for lots of work, and that clients had been requesting my services specifically (apparently I have a rep for doing good work). I’m also still waiting for some backorders of parts for the Sprint-T. The bad part about the backorders is leaving the money in my bank because in my mind I spent that money ages ago, but I don’t get charged until it ships. So I have about $300 just sitting there that I already spent, but hasn’t been taken out yet. I mean, I placed the order in early June, but here it is middle of August and that money has just been sitting there taunting me.

Money and I have a contentious relationship. There are lots of things to spend it on but there’s never enough to spend. Most times I barely have enough to spend on the “needs”, and hardly any to spend on the “wants”. But somehow we manage. A big problem is stuff that when done regularly is a “want”, but put off too long becomes a “need”, like getting a haircut, or getting my toes done. I mean sure I can live indefinitely without getting my hair cut, but eventually my appearance with take a hit and I start looking like a homeless person no matter how often I wash it. I can go several months between pedicures but eventually my toenails get caught on the insides of my shoes and I can’t walk. One wonders what our ancient ancestors did before the technology to trim toenails existed, particularly since the method most likely used for fingernails requires either incredible flexibility or cooperation for toenails. Biting fingernails is easy, biting toenails is difficult to impossible without a partner. But then again the reason why excessively long toenails are a problem for modern man was not a thing for ancient man, closed-toe shoes for the most part did not exist prior to the creation of cutting tools that could also be used to trim toenails.

And I have just about bored myself to sleep, so I’m putting this to bed now.


Game is over for today

Well, I didn’t do anything but that was a good thing, because I was there for extraction in case things went sideways. The run was to kidnap the CEO of a tabloid-like media provider from a party to get a sex tape that was being used to blackmail somebody and make sure it no longer existed on their servers. We got him by misdirecting his bodyguards and drugging him to reveal his passwords, then using his commlink to purge the files from the servers and get the job done. I just had to sit there quietly, waiting for my cue that didn’t come, the phrase “pink mohawk” over the commlink. That was my cue to blow up anybody not our target or on our team and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible to cover our extraction from the scene. But the techs and mage did their jobs to perfection, so I didn’t need to do my job at all.

After the game ended, I caught the end of the Cup race in MI, (congrats again to Kevin Harvick), then caught yet another NHRA race from Indy. Then I did some emails, and then I finished this post.

So busy day with much social interaction and much internal combustion, and then this.