Daily Archives: August 22, 2020

Mission accomplished, toenails are now short

Well the headline pretty much covers the actual news, but there were things I learned during the process that are also useful. First thing is that even though it doesn’t feel hot a heat index of 95°F is still dangerously warm. As in hydrate or die dangerous.

Second thing I learned is that I need to go for a walk, like at least every other day, so my back feels better. I walked about a mile and a quarter yesterday and once I got going nary a twinge out of my back. Getting going had lots of twinges and worse, but once I got the muscles moving and warm, I was pain-free. Like taking a hydrocodone pain free. I think finding time for a daily mile walk, maybe early in the morning before the heat gets as bad, is my best idea for keeping moving.

And speaking of keeping moving, we are fast approaching my Death Day, the anniversary of the thing that walked like a man trying to murder me for riding my bike on an empty 6 lane road on the other side of the median from him. Aside from his being a raging (literally) asshole I have no idea why he tried to kill me as I was riding home from work, he just did.

Now the bigger question is what can I do about it?