Daily Archives: August 23, 2020

If I get up and move, I can keep moving

If I can endure that first few minutes after I stand up, I can keep going until I get tired. Honestly, all I have to do is not fall down when the back spasms start and continue for about 5 minutes, then they go away until exhaustion sets in and they start twinging again.

I discovered this when I had to go transfer money back into my checking account after some more delayed payment purchases drained my account below the balance needed to pay another delayed payment I have been keeping track of because it’s a backorder instead of a purchase with a delayed payment. Actually I discovered it when I had my toes done and walked almost a mile home from the nail spa, I just verified it today when I got out to do the transfer at the ATM at my credit union. Moving I was fine, standing not so much, sitting good, going from sitting to not-sitting was really bad because that triggered the spasms.

Other news is Mrs. the Poet went grocery shopping yesterday, her first trip out of the house that wasn’t to our daughter’s house since beginning of March. She was tired, but not exhausted, which was good. Also we did some online checking of sofas because the one we have now is literally falling apart.

And I’m about to face plant in the keyboard again, so this is probably time to put the post and myself to bed.