Daily Archives: August 28, 2020

Now how was this supposed to work, again?

We here at Casa de El Poeta have been living frugally and staying within our means for so long we no longer have a credit score. Our FICO is a literal 0 (zero). So, one of the things that was suggested was to open a store account like at NFM, and since our couch was made about the same time as I got killed it’s not in any better shape than I am. So we went to NFM to get a couch and open an account. We have the couch, but we paid cash, again.

I even tried to get one of those sky-high interest rate credit cards offered through PayPal and got denied. And I think this rant is about played out. I complained and I don’t see any satisfactory way to conclude this except to say we tried to establish credit, but didn’t.