The Good News Is… The Bad News is…

I had my annual hearing test to see how much I lost since last year. The good news is I only lost a little more high frequency hearing, and I qualify for a $150 hearing aid. The bad news is I have lost enough high frequency hearing that I need that $150 hearing aid. I’m having problems telling between “f” and “s” sounds and “t” and “th” but I’m not doing too bad when I have context from the conversation to know which is more likely to show up in the word. But when I’m with an unfamiliar speaker and I don’t have context from prior conversation I’m likely to miss a lot of words. That’s what happened during the test when they went from pure tones to words, I blew a lot of them that had consonants in the frequency range where my losses are worse.

Got a lot of miles logged today on my fitness app, because it was a long way from bus stops to destinations and Casa de El Poeta, which explains why my feet hurt. I might need to get new shoes, but all the local shoe stores are closed. Some because they are out of business, some because fear of shoes spreading COVID-19…

I need to put this one to bed before I do another faceplant into the keyboard. I don’t know how many more it can take.


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