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This post is going to be heavy on the technical stuff

I hope this works, again, but here goes nothing.

I’m writing this to the beat of Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Two Tribes (Carnage Mix)” on my YTM player while I sort out how to commit acts of authorship, on the very technical subject of how to make threaded holes in the steering arm, so that the various things that need to be attached to the steering arm and vice-versa can be attached via threaded fasteners. To do this I consulted the Oracle Google who directed me to the Wizard Wikipedia

who has knowledge in all things arcane. And that last little bit was either appended to the link text, or placed in a separate paragraph below. Apparently the bugs are not properly exorcised from the editor.

Anywho, the plan is to tap threaded holes in the steering arm to accept the bolts that hold the caliper bracket to the other side of the spindle, and the bolt that goes through the heim joint on the drag link that acts as a tie rod end and put a nut on the bolt to lock the assembly together and prevent accidental disassembly while in use. That means drilling three holes of odd size, with the two holes for the bolts to the spindle being the same size and the hole for the heim joint being much larger. Since the caliper bracket uses 1/2″fine thread bolts I use the appropriate drill to make the final hole after drilling pilot holes because my drill press slips if I take too big a bite from quarter-inch thick stock. I have no idea how I’m going to drill the hole for the heim joint, because the biggest drill I can chuck in the drill press is several sizes smaller than the drill I need to use for a 5/8″ fine thread bolt. And before anyone can make a comment, the drill press was a gift, I was building bicycles at the time, and the press was sized for the materials and thicknesses I was working with at the time it was given to me many years ago. Also I think I wore that sucker plumb out back when I was building bicycles.

But, yeah, that’s the gist of it. I need to make 3 holes of certain sizes, perfectly perpendicular to the piece, and then thread them (also perfectly perpendicular to the piece), and the holes are on different planes of the piece.