This is annoying

We get these muffins from the Tom Thumb cheap, and they taste good, but there is a problem.Muffin Fallout

As you can see there is a great deal of fallout from eating one of the buggers, all of them. It’s just that with chocolate chip the fallout is easier to find than with Banana Nut, or especially Blueberry, those crumbs are practically invisible on these floors. I swear there are more crumbs than muffin, or at least more crumbs on me and the floor than there was muffin I ate.

And that’s my tiny little rant for the day. Petty, I know, but this is something that has been bothering me ever since they started putting these muffins on this super hot deal, nine muffins for like less than $6. It’s a great deal, just over $0.60 a muffin, but it seems like I never get to actually eat the whole muffin. Before they put the deal on the muffins we didn’t buy any because they were like $1.10/muffin.

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