Daily Archives: November 12, 2020

Does stuff like this happen to other people?

Or am I in another story again? I had some coupons for fast food in my drawstring bag that I use like the classic definition of a purse. Well the other day the coupons were no longer in the bag, and when I found them a few hours later the expiration date had changed to a month later than it was the last time I used the coupons. The day was the same, but the month was 12 instead of 11. Does $hit like this only happen to me, or does it happen to one or more of my readers?

I know these were the same coupons because I had torn one out of the sheet last month to use, and the torn edges were still there. I had used the coupon in early October and an expiration date in November made sense, but now the expiration date was in December, which doesn’t make sense. Normally these coupons are good for one month or sometimes two, but more than two hasn’t happened before and the expiration date changing by a month, well that makes me wonder about my grasp on reality.

Like I wrote at the start of the post, when stuff like this happens it usually means my story got handed off to a new writer who wants to use something as a plothook later in the story. I’m thinking these coupons are like that, I’m supposed to do something that having the coupons facilitates, like I’m in the store when something happens or I meet someone there as I’m using the coupon. This must be what it feels like in comics where some of the characters know they are in a story, but everyone else is oblivious. And worse think that the characters who know this is a story are crazy. There are things getting retconned and I know it, but nobody else sees it because they aren’t writers, so they can’t pull themselves out of the story and see what’s happening. It’s like Chekov’s Gun only it isn’t a gun it’s something else that is supposed to cause a plot twist. And I hate getting caught in a plot twist.

So, either I’m crazy, or something in the world is. And I really H8 when that happens.