Daily Archives: December 7, 2020

More on the weirdness of last week

I mentioned before that last week was weird, but did not get further into the weirdness than the horrible time I had with the local public transit system. Well, it went further than that. I had receipts from stores I hadn’t been to in my pack.

Seriously, there were 2 receipts from 2 stores in parts of town I was never near on the dates on the receipts. One of the places was a WalMart, on the far west side of the county from where I live but kinda close to where my doctor is, the day before I went to the Lab Rat Keeper. Thing is I track where I go, and my phone never left the house that day, and if my phone didn’t go then I didn’t go since all my mobility is tied to my phone, my bus pass, and my Lyft sub, are on my phone and without them I’m pretty much stuck.

The other one was a restaurant in Ft. Worth that again, I have no way of getting there. How the receipt made its way to my backpack, from a place I never went to, in a town I haven’t visited in almost a decade is a serious mystery. The date wasn’t clear on the receipt, sometime this year maybe in July, maybe in September, but neither month was I in Ft. Worth. And to make things even more fun, my Google search for the restaurant came up negative. As in Google didn’t know where it was and didn’t know anything about it, no reviews or anything.

Again, does anything like this happen to y’all? This is almost like the short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, where as part of the service they left the kind of things you would pick up on a trip in your pockets and wallet to make it seem like you were somewhere on vacation to reinforce implanted memories about the trip, only I don’t have the memories to go with the evidence. I have nothing to explain the situation. It’s almost like the guy writing my story left out a few paragraphs. That does explain a lot, except that most people don’t have somebody writing their story and directing their lives and inserting “deus ex machina” to cause things to happen. For a while I was living a porno, women dropping in and out and seducing me, but that ended a few years back. When you break a street with your face and your face looks like you broke a street with your face a few years back, you don’t get a lot of women throwing themselves at you. I’m still friendly with some of the women, but not that friendly, if you know what I mean. Well, I have other things to do tomorrow.

One other thing is the Christmas present from my kids came today, a stove to replace the one Mrs. the Poet melted down with a 3 hour cleaning cycle back in September on the first not-hot day of Fall. We have a convection oven with air-fry now, but all we used the stove for so far is to warm up some beans. I might do another pot of lentil stew this week, since we have the ingredients for it now. But the stove is neat with 4 regular burners and one warming burner to keep stuff hot until serving, along with the convection and air-fry functions in the oven.