Daily Archives: December 17, 2020

Mrs. the Poet wants a broom for her B-Day

Seriously, she came into the computer room just to tell me that , and show the sad state of her current broom. Which broom is in a sad state, all frayed and twitterpated.

Twitterpated is a real word in spite of what my spell checker is trying to tell me, I have a much larger vocabulary than it does. IIRC “twitterpated” means to be in a state of mental disarray, related to the word “confuzzled” which is a portmanteau of confused and muddled, which pretty much describes the mental state of twitterpated. Twitterpated is often illustrated by birds flying around the head of a victim of the condition. It is mostly associated with a blow to the head, but can also be induced by an Abbot and Costello sketch like “Who’s on First?” or “Hertz Hire Car”. (“If it hurts why do you do it!?”)

Anyway Mrs. the Poet is finally giving me suggestions about things I can give her for her birthday on Friday. Nothing like giving me time to get stuff together, eh? There’s a local restaurant that I have been looking to try out called Hawaiian Bros and I’m hoping I can get it delivered, or we can just call the place a little down the street, China Harbor, that we have been getting food from since before my mother died in 2004. I have been accused of being in an ordering rut since I get some version of fried rice from them, but Mrs. the Poet gets Lo Mein either beef or veggie every time, so I fail to see what the problem is.

To close, I haven’t had my toes done since early October, and I’m having troubles with one toe getting caught on the inside of the shoe while I’m walking and I have errands to run for Mrs. the Poet. So I probably need to get outside today, but it was below freezing this morning and still chilly for TX out there right now. So I’ll do it but be unhappy about doing it…