Daily Archives: January 3, 2021

OK, they got to go

I know I said just the previous post we can’t get rid of the fascists who managed to get in office, but that was before Ted and Louie spouted off about overturning the election and keeping Agent Orange as “President”. I’m ashamed that they are even living in the same state with me, but I shouldn’t be, they both spend more time in their DC houses than here in TX. But it still rankles me when I see the (-TX) after their names.

I’m not a violent person, but I do have fantasies that involve violent things happening to politicians. You know, things being stuck inside places that are not physically possible, even if they are really flexible. Or body parts getting kicked so hard they end up places on the body that are also physically impossible. I’m not going to spell these out because from the few times I have actually communicated with you readers, you like imagining these things more than reading about them. Also some of you have really sick imaginations, just saying. I like that in a reader, saves time.

We’re stuck with Crazy Uncle Louie for another 2 years, which is bad enough, but Teddy boy is going to be running around loose for at least 4 more years unless he’s rendered harmless. I checked and Calgary says they won’t let him back into the country again. And I really don’t think being an insane fascist should be a death-penalty crime, so we need something between a guillotine and letting them run loose. Not that I don’t think we would be better off after the guillotine, but like that stupid dog that never brings back the right stick, somebody loves them in spite of their (almost infinite) flaws. So, for those people and so we don’t make martyrs out of them, something humiliating that doesn’t actually kill them but does make them look so stupid that nobody sane would ever vote for them again. I’m open to suggestions especially that involve scatalogical humiliations, that make them look so crazy perverted that they will never even think of going outside without a disguise, much less running for office.

Anywho, that’s how angry and annoyed I am at the fascists and their enablers.

Now let’s talk about the Shadowrun game. 

There isn’t much to talk about this week. In-game my character is a “pet runner” for TI after taking a grenade to my lap defending TI during the Battle of Central Expressway, I was the only member of the crew in the machine gun nest to survive even though I lost both legs and my left arm, like Steve Austin. They paid the bucks to replace everything with top of the line cyberware, and in return I do the occasional “favor” for them at a high price and guaranteed secrecy. So the job is to “extract” a teen girl troll from a building in a high-class neighborhood North of Dallas in Denton county. We don’t know at this point if this is a rescue or a kidnapping because this is the kind of neighborhood that only has trolls as servants or toys, and she’s cute enough to be either one. We also don’t know if she’s willingly there or against her will. And knowing that will change how we handle this run. A rescue will be completely different than a kidnapping. At this point in the game we are distributing the intel we got from my Mr. Johnson and seeking out more intel on the situation and the site, and that’s where the session ended because our conferencing software isn’t the greatest, and we had a hard time communicating because nobody has any radio discipline. (Mutter, fume)

So that’s all I got for you today.