Let it snow

If you know where I live then you know we got some snow for the first time in years. Not snow as in snowball fights and snowmen or -women, but snow as in if you look in the right direction and there’s a dark background you might see it falling, snow. Some places to the west and south got maybe 3 whole inches of accumulation.

We got no accumulation, zip, zero, Nada. Several days of highs in the 50s and 60s including yesterday pretty much assured that the snow not only melted but evaporated as soon as it touched the ground. We got the equivalent of a light rain. And even that was too much for local drivers to avoid crashing, but traffic was low because foo’bawl on TV, so while the wrecks were spectacular and will probably make a compilation video on YouTube, they were few in number. Delivery drivers took a figurative beating, though. Lots of “black ice” out there as overpasses and bridges froze when the road that had dirt under it was clear. As a former pizza driver and ice racer I felt all their pains. I felt even worse for the places that actually got snow. Lots of wrecks out there in the boonies away from the DFW area.

We didn’t have game today, so I still haven’t had the chance to try my new stats, but we did ride to the Legless Wurm in my freshly restored Ford Americar with upgraded armor and suspension. We just got beer and whiskey and some tofu scrambles to talk over while we discussed tactics and intel about the extraction operation for the troll female teen. Since we didn’t play because we were down a player nothing important was discussed, it was mostly just a RP session. We got comfortable playing our characters, and that’s about it.

Y’all be careful out there and stay safe. I have the nagging feeling the bovine byproduct is about to impact the rotary air moving device.

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