Daily Archives: January 25, 2021

I’m somebody’s fetish

There’s a saying “either you die a hero, or you live long enough to be the villain”. Well there’s a lesser-known corollary, about eventually becoming someone’s fetish. I have reached that stage of my character development.

I’m on a dating site because I’m poly, and I have outlived all my previous girlfriends. Someone on the site has a grandfather fetish, and guess who is old enough to be her grandfather and is also of the body type to be attractive to this person? Don’t strain your brain if it wasn’t me I wouldn’t be doing this post. Now if she had gone about it differently I wouldn’t be doing this post, I would be following up on a meeting. But she was creepy about it, not in the “creepy but cute” way, but in the “I want to do things with you because you’re old” kind of way.

It’s not that she isn’t cute, if her profile pictures are of her. Seriously, she has the kind of body I like, grooms the way I like women to groom, and has a face that is easy on the eyes. If it wasn’t for the way she words her messages there might be something going on with us. Buuuutttt… Seriously, she keeps talking about my white beard and the thin spot in the hair on the back of my head, and how I need a cane to walk as far as the bus stop 0.4 miles (0.64 km) away. Like I said, it’s a bit creepy.

And to be honest about it, I’m not adverse to her liking me for my body, it’s just the comments she makes about my age and infirmity. It’s not like I don’t know I’m old, and I make no bones about being somewhat crippled.

Not been feeling well

It started Saturday afternoon when I had a dizzy and nauseous spell while shopping. I did manage to get home and unloaded the groceries, but shortly after dinner I started getting dizzy and really tired and went to bed about 2000 Saturday.

Well, I didn’t sleep real good and after a night (and most of a day) of strange dreams I finally woke up about 1500 Sunday and then napped on and off until 1700 still having weird dreams about Escherian houses and walking paths with stretches of deep sand. You know Escher, the guy that drew impossible buildings and especially those staircases that never end? Well he could be the architect of some of the houses I see in my dreams. Seriously, the rooms and staircases in these dreams lack exterior walls and don’t always line up, because they follow “dream logic”. This is a thing, that you can Google, where dreams follow an internal consistency that is not shared by the waking world, but that seems to be shared between people in the dreaming world. Thus we get buildings with internal walls and doors, but that are open to the outside and people just walk in and out and have conversations like there is a difference between inside and out.

The fact that I have more dreams like this when I’m not feeling well might have something to do with how my brain works (or doesn’t) when I’m sick. Also there doesn’t seem to be any consistency about if I do or don’t take my sleep aids before bed.

And I was reading web comics while composing this post and this comic reminded me of several wrecks where I was first or almost first on scene and people died or were horribly mutilated, like when the guy rolled the SUV with his harm hanging out the window, or the guy who drove his Chevette under the flatbed trailer until it hit him in the face, and he kept trying to rub his face, or the convertible full of kids that hit the guy wire on a telephone poll and did a half roll at speed and landed back in the road upside down. That one actually had a survivor as there was one girl giving a guy in the back seat oral sex which put her entirely below the bottom of the windows and safely above the pavement. Or the motorcycle sideswiped by a truck and the rider lost his leg in several pieces that I sincerely hope came off in one piece and got chopped up after he lost it.https://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/comic/grrl-power-912-maximum-trauma/

I think I might have mentioned seeing the guy lose his arm in this blog a few years back when he rolled a Ford Exploder on its side while hanging said arm out the window, but I can’t find it in the archives. Oh, here it is.


And now I’m going to have a lie-down because I have another headache…