Daily Archives: February 3, 2021

Trying to do something different

I keep having to change the URL I use to access the page to put something down to add to the blog, and this was a test to see if it works as a single-step method of getting to the composition page. Spoiler alert it works.

The other thing I wanted to write about was a test of the motorsports as sleep aid hypothesis, and so far for the one test subject this study has it works pretty good. It helps that there is a channel in my cable package that has old races on about the time I should be going to bed Monday-Thursday. Old races are the best for getting to sleep, because they have the engine noises from the race, and they are at least a year old so I have no investment in finding out who won. Any long-term repercussions expired in December if not sooner as all the championships have been long decided. So it’s just a noise machine that makes noises that make me fall asleep at this point.

So as I wrote, the noise and lack of connection to the outcome lets me shut my brain off, which lets me relax and fall asleep. This is a good thing as I have trouble staying on a diurnal sleep schedule, and being able to pick a time to fall asleep without massive amounts of chemical assistance. I’m wondering if this also works for other people who have difficulty getting their brains to shut down so they can sleep. Do you have some kind of activity you like to watch that combines a droning sound with activity that is innocuous and lets your brain shut down? Please leave a comment if you do, I won’t judge. Other people leaving comments might, but I will delete those comments as soon as I get the notice about them.