Today was a struggle

And I’m not exaggerating (much). All I wanted to do was get rid of my winter fur. What I got was multiple hours of travel and standing around waiting for buses that never showed.

First thing I did was remove the beard and wash my hair. Well after drinking my coffee and eating breakfast. Then I grabbed my clippers and mowed off the longest parts of the face fur.
After shaving, before the shower.
After the clippers and a shave I showered and washed the mop for the last time until winter. Then I set out on what was later to turn out to be a major trek.

Seriously, the trip from the house to the barbershop and back home took hours, each way. The first stumble was when I got to the stop a few minutes before the scheduled arrival, only to not see the bus. Seriously I had eyes on the stop for more than 4 minutes before the scheduled time, and never saw a bus. I got there and paused my fitness tracker, opened my bus app and activated my afternoon pass right at the time the bus was scheduled, and didn’t get on the bus until 35 minutes later. I was on time, the bus was either way early or never showed.

When I got to the transit center the bus was a minute or two late leaving, but on time when I got to the barbershop. Well, as on time as missing a bus can get me. Shearing the rest of the fur took some time, but 2 hours after I left the house I had a decent haircut, that complemented the shape of my head. So I walked across the street to catch the next scheduled bus 20 minutes later, and leaned against the signpost facing traffic to make sure I didn’t miss the bus this time. And I waited, and I waited until the scheduled time for the bus had passed, but no bus did. I waited some more, until the scheduled time for the next bus. No bus, until 15 minutes after it was supposed to be there and 10 minutes after I was supposed to be home I got on the bus. Because of the way the schedule worked for the bus from the transit center to the stop closest to the house I was about an hour late from the first Google maps estimated arrival. But I looked good when I got home.
Nice haircut!

And I could still smile, because I looked goooood!


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