Daily Archives: March 19, 2021

Still dealing with the side effects of my Fauci Ouchie

Basically I still have the one finger that was in the worst condition to begin with not working within wear limits. I mean screw tolerances and design specs, I just want to function within wear limits now as in kinda sorta be functional. And it’s not like it is painful, there’s a little discomfort as the limits of travel are neared, but nothing resembling pain. I don’t know if it really doesn’t hurt, or if it doesn’t hurt enough to break through my pain tolerance, because after doing some DIY dentistry I know I have some pretty high pain tolerance.

Other than that nothing important going on around Casa de El Poeta, just the regular banging about and not doing anything interesting. I have been reading some books on my Kindle app, litening to music on my YTM app on my phone, doing general body maintenance on my corpus to prevent it from becoming corpse, and just existing for a while. But you can bet as soon as something interesting happens and I get a chance to park my butt behind a computer to chronicle it, you’ll read about it in this blog.