Daily Archives: April 7, 2021

Got a new catalog, let the drooling commence

I got a new GM Performance Parts catalog link in my email today and they include a lot more data than they used to, basically where they used to just have peak numbers for torque and HP, now they have a graph of the data for most engines. Something else they do is they show the stuff they used to sell, but for one reason or another don’t sell anymore. This is good for those of us with projects that have dragged on over the years, so we can update the build sheet. I’m still looking at a junkyard engine, but I like to know what I can reasonably expect from one. Also they have a controller that can be tuned and also works with the variable valve timing on the GenIV engines, and comes with a base tune for the most common GenIV engine I’m likely to find in a junkyard.

Other things, we did the report for unemployment thing for the woman who used to live here again. She brought stuff again, and we ordered Whataburger, again. I’m going to have to get my teeth done soon, because it’s almost impossible to bite into my burger anymore. That single incisor on the upper jaw just isn’t cutting it anymore. Literally not cutting through the food any more, and uncomfortable trying.

Other than that I really don’t have much to say, there hasn’t been much going on to speak of.


The AC is running and other things that may (not) surprise you

We have the thermostat set at 76°F to turn on the AC, and this is the second day in a row that the AC has kicked on near sundown. The high was about 80° and the current temp just hit 77° on the way down. About the best thing I can say is we have escaped severe weather this year so far. No hail, no high speed straightline winds, no tornadoes. I like this kind of boring, this is the nice cheap kind of boring without property damage.

Other than that nothing much of interest is going down at or near Casa de El Poeta. We are very boring these days. I buy books either through Amazon Kindle, or direct from the authors. Then I read the books. Rinse, repeat. I did learn something interesting doing this, epic porn stories from the same author get boring after a few thousand pages. Much like any other kind of story repetition kills novelty. And it’s not like there is any way around it.

And what I mentioned in the previous paragraph is one of the things I dread when I’m writing about the Sprint-T. There are only so many ways to describe Tab A and Slot B no matter how different the tabs and slots are from one set to another. And unless I do something wild like the minivan engine and transmission in the back for a mid-engine bucket the tabs and slots don’t change much, just the size changes. And speaking of that configuration, even though there isn’t a need for it because that engine was never mated to a manual transaxle, putting the drivetrain behind the passenger compartment made tons of room for a clutch pedal because there was no part of the drivetrain competing for space with the driver’s feet. There was 26″ inside the body behind the firewall and the only thing connected to the engine was the gas pedal, and there was a brake pedal and a steering column behind the firewall meaning I had about 13″ of room if the passenger’s feet are allocated equal space to the driver’s, or 14″ or 15″ if the need for the driver’s movement is taken into account and the lack of same for the passenger. But that engine went bye-bye with the vehicle it was in several years ago.

That drivetrain was also the reason why I ordered the front axle wide enough to make the wheel surface of the front hubs 66½” to match the width of the rear hubs with the engine in the back so the car didn’t look funny from the front. I kept it because I had already spent the money and because as long as I didn’t hit an apex cone with the front tire I was pretty much guaranteed not to hit that cone with the back tire, because the front tire would track slightly closer to the inside than the rear tire as long as the car was driven in a no-slip condition, and as a yaw angle was taken the back tire would track further away from the front track, and the rear tire would have to track over 3″ over to the outside of the turn for the rear tire to hit a cone the front tire missed on the exit from a turn. On a car with 100″ wheelbase a 3″ yaw would be about 2° yaw. So maybe I go a little easy on corner exit.

And it is way too late and I should be sleeping.