Got a new catalog, let the drooling commence

I got a new GM Performance Parts catalog link in my email today and they include a lot more data than they used to, basically where they used to just have peak numbers for torque and HP, now they have a graph of the data for most engines. Something else they do is they show the stuff they used to sell, but for one reason or another don’t sell anymore. This is good for those of us with projects that have dragged on over the years, so we can update the build sheet. I’m still looking at a junkyard engine, but I like to know what I can reasonably expect from one. Also they have a controller that can be tuned and also works with the variable valve timing on the GenIV engines, and comes with a base tune for the most common GenIV engine I’m likely to find in a junkyard.

Other things, we did the report for unemployment thing for the woman who used to live here again. She brought stuff again, and we ordered Whataburger, again. I’m going to have to get my teeth done soon, because it’s almost impossible to bite into my burger anymore. That single incisor on the upper jaw just isn’t cutting it anymore. Literally not cutting through the food any more, and uncomfortable trying.

Other than that I really don’t have much to say, there hasn’t been much going on to speak of.


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