Daily Archives: April 12, 2021

I screwed up and cost myself money and time

I was going to get my second Moderna shot today, but I screwed up and forgot my shot card from the first one. So I couldn’t get my second shot and have to reschedule. I have a pretty good window to do this, but because of traffic around the vaccine site I ended up spending a ton of money on Lyft because of getting caught in the traffic. Basically I spent $130 to stand in lines in the car and didn’t even get my shot.

I’m still so flustered I can’t even think straight, because of all the BS I went through to try to get to the vaccination site. I saw the gate to get in, but on the other side of the median from where I was in line, and I had been in line over an hour at that point. That is when I discovered I didn’t have my card with me because I had removed it from my bag for safe-keeping, and not put it back in. No card, no second shot and since I was scheduled to get my second shot…

And I still can’t think well enough to form a coherent sentence. I think at least part of this is because even though I went to bed early I still didn’t get to sleep until my normal 0600 and got up at 1100, I have been yawning all day and about half asleep most of the time. And this was after waking up yesterday at 1100 to watch the Xfinity race and then the Cup race, so I’m in sleep deprivation Purgatory. All I can think straight about is how I can’t think straight, everything else is like cotton balls inside my head. Well at least I retain a modicum of vocabulary, I can’t think, but at least I have good words to use in describing it. Other than that it’s “Head not feel right, can’t think.” And also the ringing in my ears has changed to less high-pitched whine and more like white noise with a side of high-pitched whine. So rather than torture myself about not being able to write, I’ll end this one now.


I get my second Moderna shot tomorrow

And after I do I will be 14 days from 99% immunity to COVID19.

Not a whole lot to write about tonight, I saw both races from Martinsburg VA today. Good races, both of them. Really exciting last stages especially the Cup race, lots of beating and banging around and at one point the track was completely blocked by wrecked cars. Lots of good drivers knocked out of the race while running close to the front because of short track racing.

And it is about 0230 and I’m still waiting to get my confirmation e-mail. I’m officially worried.