This one is going to be on a complete tangent

I have been reading a few old posts and I know that after I had my break because too many dead people and too much blood and dismembered body parts, the tone of the blog has been somewhat disconnected. Well aside from there usually being something about the T-Bucket somewhere in the post, whether it is the Mid-T, or the Sprint-T, or some other mutation.

But this post is about something I have barely discussed in any posts, Fixing What’s Wrong With LEO. And nobody can deny that there is a crap-ton wrong with LEO in this country. The point has been amply made repeatedly during the last year or so, and less frequently before that.

It is a sad commentary that we need some form of feedback loop to make people act like they have sense and compassion. One need merely look at the state of behavior on the roads that have for the most part zero enforcement of rules and norms, where murder by motor vehicle gets the perpetrator a pat of solace for the damages to their vehicle. Surviving victims are pretty much told to pound sand for the most part and even sometimes forced to pay to repair the tools of their assault. There is essentially no laws enforced in this realm. Laws are treated as suggestions as long as you don’t get too far away from the letter of the laws.

So, LEO is necessary, but “not as currently constituted”. We have too many people who are using the system to enforce their current prejudices instead of the laws. And that is true on many levels. I find many LEO unwilling to accept the fact that the laws give cyclists and pedestrians an actual right to use the streets and roads. And there hare many LEO making up rules about where BIPOC are allowed to exist, or if they are allowed to exist. And the problem was that it was nearly impossible to prevent people like that from becoming a LEO. That is no longer the truth. It is very easy now to test for the personality traits that resulted in people like Derrik Chauvin, and also the hundreds of police like him but who don’t kill BIPOC repeatedly, they just make BIPOC lives hell. The thing is we just have to do it.

First step is assume anyone currently in LEO is corrupt and fire everyone because nobody is turning in the Chauvins et al. If they did this problem would be much smaller than it is currently. So all are guilty of the current situation, and the answer is all must be fired and prevented from employment as LEO. Replacements must pass rigorous testing to weed out racists, sociopaths, and people doing it for the thrill of controlling others. Obviously I would never pass these tests, and that’s because I know I have sociopathic tendencies. Because I know this I can keep them under control, but I must never be in a situation where these tendencies could get out of control, hence no badge and gun for me. I have those tendencies under tight control now, but I haven’t always. But the thing is had testing been available when I was young I could have avoided some very bad situations and hurting people who didn’t deserve it, likewise hurting people who most certainly did deserve it, but for whom it really wasn’t my choice. But my spotted history ignored, we need to clean up the police. As an aside, I really think that it would get rid of most if not all of the problem applicants if it was made public that failing the screening tests would result in a very public execution alongside the ones who passed. Line them all up post testing and execute the ones who failed on live TV and uploaded to many streaming services. Did I mention that I know I have some sociopathic tendencies? That’s one of them, an antipathy to those who abuse authority.

OK maybe a death penalty for wanting to unleash your sociopathic desires and racism on people while hiding behind a badge is a LITTLE BIT over the top. Tiny bit over the top. Just a smidgen. But you have to admit, knowing that if you weren’t within a small percentile of perfect when applying for work as a LEO you might end up dead would get rid of most of the ones who would get executed on stage in front of the world. And most sociopaths can be useful members of society as long as they aren’t in positions of authority, like CEOs or LEOs. Which is unfortunately where too many end up. The high-functioning ones end up as financial industry giants, mid-functioning ones as LEO of some kind, and the rest are criminals pretty much from the get-go. And can’t we pretty much say, that all racists are sociopaths to some degree? Because racism says that some people are not fully people, kind of the definition of sociopathy.

Well I could write more, but at this point I think I pretty much covered the topic. Cliff’s notes version, fire the police, test the new ones for racism and sociopathy, find someplace safe to put the ones who fail the tests, kill the ones that can’t be put someplace safe.


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