Daily Archives: May 13, 2021

Things that were not working earlier are still not working

Basically, the shoulder that quit working after I tapered off the Ibuprofen expecting to get different anti-inflammatory meds prescribed has not come back online after I started taking Ibuprofen again. I got an appointment to see a doctor about this, but I have to make a choice between my teeth and sleeping, because I can’t pay for both right now.

Really would be nice if TX had gone with Expanded Medicaid and dropping the requirement to completely destitute your family before getting any assistance. Rick Perry, I’m coming after you for my pain and suffering. Because you are personally responsible for flipping the bird and giving a massive F.U. to Texas’ poor people, you are financially responsible for our medical bills. And don’t think you’re getting away without paying your share, Greg Abbott, because you have had several opportunities to get TX on Expanded Medicaid and you failed to do it. So you get to fork over some of the money, too. I could see this if it was your money that you were withholding, but it’s not yours, it’s not even Texas’ money, it’s Federal Money that they are giving us to make sure the Really Poor But Not Destitute can still get access to health care.

And yes, I’m feeling a little annoyed, because I have these pains I can’t deal with except to endure them, that I wouldn’t have to endure if these assholes would have just done what’s right for poor people, instead of plotting how to make things worse for poor people because you could. Just imagine how much better things would be if instead of plotting how to make poor people suffer you just … didn’t. It would be so much easier for all involved if you just stopped trying to make things worse and sat in a corner with a good book and stopped trying to actively make things worse.