Daily Archives: May 14, 2021

I can haz appointment

Going a little Cheezeburger on you to announce I have an appointment with the neurologist to get a prescription for what will likely be Gabapentin 300 mg to take a little bit before bed. That’s what I was prescribed for this the first time it happened after the wreck, except under the brand name Neurontin because IIRC there wasn’t a generic version 20 years ago. There might have been, but the doctor and payment provider didn’t “do” generic psychoactives at the time.

I’m either going to have to get up at 0500 to catch the bus, or summon a Lyft, because it’s another 3 hour bus ride with lots of bus changes, or about a 30 minute car ride, that I can stay in bed until 0800 and still get to the 0940 appointment.

This will mean delaying my appointment for my dentures for a few months, which in a functional country wouldn’t be a thing, having to decide which of two treatments to get because budget won’t allow both.