Daily Archives: June 27, 2021

There is one good thing about the condo collapse in FL

It isn’t another gods-damned mass shooting. That is literally the only good thing about yet another mass casualty event in Miami, there is no smoking gun in the literal sense. The building was undergoing a safety inspection because the subsurface support was subsiding for whatever reason rocks and dirt lose their cohesiveness under a building because someone in Florida made a bad decision in the 1980s that had nothing to do with disco or drugs, or fashion.

I’m not real sure what happened because all I saw was one sentence in a 3 paragraph web page article, saying the building site was sinking about 40 years after the building was built. I have a friend who spent 20 years studying and dealing with exactly this kind of thing and I sent her an e-mail about it to see if she knows anything about what happened.

Anyway, stuff happened. Someone is responsible, but it remains unlikely that anyone will get punished for their malfeasance. But, this is the post-Trump apocalypse, anything can happen.