Daily Archives: June 30, 2021

My sleep meds are messing with me

But at least I don’t feel like the second time I got hit with a truck when I get up.

My bedtime sleep meds are a cocktail of gabapentin for nerve pain, melatonin to shut down the monkey brain, and ibuprofen for all the abused joints and muscles from having survived almost 20 years after getting killed with a truck. And there is a more poetic but less accurate way of putting that, evoking the Bard’s slings and arrows and other things. But back to the meds and the disruption to my sleep schedule. The problem is I sleep for 10 to 12 hours but then stay awake the normal 16 to 18 hours and I get further and further out of sync with sunrise and sunset. Basically I get enough sleep to run a 30 hour day. Unfortunately I live on a 24 hour planet. Now if I was living on a space station away from a planet this would not be a problem, but my application to live on an Orion Habitat has so far not been approved.

I have been watching videos on how to make more low RPM power for less money by retaining the stock cam and adding boost. Basically instead of swapping out heads, cam, and intake, keep everything stock and throw a couple of $300 turbos on it and use their small size and low inertia to put boost at low RPM and also not restrict flow at higher RPM. Until I actually get an engine (and the budget to build it) this is all masturbatory because I can’t actually do anything with it. I don’t actually have the engine to work on, I don’t have the budget to work with, I don’t have any parts to work with. Still hoping for the Power Nation 311 in3 0.060 over bore Ford 302, so I get as many entries as I can get for the contest. As I posted earlier one of my options would be to sell or trade the prize engine to get a junkyard engine and transmission. Because I can get a nice junkyard engine and (probably) transmission for less than the value of the prize engine.

Anywho, this has gone on long enough. And I still hadn’t figured out what to do about the engine.