Daily Archives: July 8, 2021

Trying to Out-Crazy the GOP

They’re still trying to pass that voter suppression bill here in TX, so I thought I would help toss a couple of extra-large monkey wrenches in the works. Specifically, things that are fatal to mythical humanoid monsters but are harmless to “normal” humans.

I would suggest amendments to require these harmless to humans tests be applied at every election to prevent vampires and werewolves from voting. My research on the subject is limited because of the divergent mythos of the various creatures that walk among us, but from what I have been able to determine blessing colloidal silver by a priest every 24 hours makes it both a vampire and werewolf detector. It will cause burning on both vamps and weres, not as in “burst into flame”, more like char and blister the skin touched by the fluid. Obviously it would do nothing to humans, because both holy water and colloidal silver can be applied in massive amounts to almost no effect. I have sent this to both my state rep and state Senator, emphasizing that I don’t believe this, but if the GOP is going to go after mythical creatures and keep them from voting then why can’t we?

In other news I’m still entering the drawing for that 311 Ford with the Holley HiRam intake and EFI as many times as they will let me in my quest to have something to stick in front of the firewall of the Sprint-T, or something that I can swap for something to stick in front of the firewall and inside the transmission tunnel. But I don’t have to make up my mind until I actually win the engine. BTW my entry page is showing I’m missing 10 friends from my allowed 10 friends.

The heat is still here in my office but I avoid it by taking frequent breaks under the fan in the living room. I basically leave whenever I start feeling moist around the edges, which is basically almost sweating, but not quite. It tells me I need to shed some heat, but not enough to get all sweaty. The thing that annoys me the most is my melted candy because it’s hard to eat like that and gets everywhere.

And just to reiterate I want my TX readers to call or write their reps and senators about checking for vampires and werewolves at the polls, to emphasize how the GOP is chasing mythical creatures. Also because technically under TX laws vamps and weres are not allowed to vote.