Something is wrong with the thermostat

It’s “only” 90°F outside but it’s 80° inside at my computer desk even though the thermostat is set for 76. And I just checked and it’s 80° at the thermostat and the AC still hasn’t come on even though the setting is 4 degrees cooler than the temperature. Something is rotten in Texas, heck with Denmark.

Something else that isn’t working according to spec is my autofill for passwords. I let Google remember all my passwords for sites that require readers be over 18 because they’re a bunch of unrememberable gibberish suggested by either Google or the website, and now I have been dead longer than that. Longer than 18 years that is. I mean seriously this latest update to Windows has messed up a bunch of things, but the thermostat is probably not among them. So I don’t know what the problem is, I mean with the thermostat.

Edit to add: The thermostat has gone out completely for a couple of hours, and my autofill for passwords works some times and not others. I’m going to call the people who installed the AC system tomorrow and have them take a look at it, but I don’t know what I can do about the autofill.

4 responses to “Something is wrong with the thermostat

  1. Do you have a “smart” thermostat? If so, is it set for different
    temperatures for different times of the day?
    What do you mean by “gone out completely…”? Did the battery
    Years ago we had a thermostat that had a wide range. It would
    not turn the heat on until the temperature dropped to about five
    degrees below the set point.


    • Opus the Poet

      Gone out completely means there is no visible screen on the thermostat. It has different settings for day and night, 76° day and 72° at night between midnight and 0800. It used to turn the AC on when the air temp was 1/2° higher that setpoint. now it turns on at some random temperature higher than the set point. It was 4° but now it’s 2°


  2. Did you check the battery?


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