Daily Archives: July 19, 2021

OMG I just spent $11k on windows

We have needed new windows since before I was killed in 2001. And not Windows the OS/GUI, the kind of windows that let you see outside. We have 12 windows in the house and 10 need replacing years ago. Seriously, of the ten windows 3 are opaque, and several more have wood rot problems. (And I keep getting ads for Windows 11, so that upgrade route also remains open.)

It was not too bad of an experience, I put it several steps up over the losing a tooth experience of a few weeks ago, but still nothing compared to pulling a baby out backwards with the other leg still pointed the wrong way and nobody even getting needing stitches, or resuscitation. I really dodged a bullet on that one. But this was still a pleasant experience. Four stars out of five, would recommend. I hope I have no needs to do this again, but if I had the funds I would.

Also I did the thing for the free engine again today, but if I don’t win either that engine or one of the lotteries, I think paying for the windows is going to deplete the budget for the Sprint-T for the next 114 months.