Daily Archives: July 25, 2021

[$DEITY] it’s hot in here

Because the AC is intermittent it got to 85°F in my office as indicated by my Atomic Radio Clock. And the AC is intermittent because the installers used the condensation drain that came with the house and it doesn’t drain as fast as the the coil makes condensation. The other reason it’s hot in here is we finally had our first 100°F day outside.

About the first 100° day, usually by now we have had 5 or more days above the century mark, but because of climate change for the first couple of months of Meteorological Summer our usual heat went to the Pacific Northwest, and the cool air was redirected around the Arctic Circle and onto us, leaving our temperatures well below normal, and theirs well above normal. But that flow moved on and we have our normal temperatures and so do they.

Getting back to that condensation drain thing, there is a sensor that controls a relay that turns off the AC when the condensation line gets backed up so the water doesn’t flood the house like when we were living in the apartment when we first moved here back in the 1990s. That one was bad, I lost so many magazines that time.😭 That was the last time we lived in an apartment. Shortly after that we got evicted and bought Casa de El Poeta, but it wasn’t named that at the time. It wasn’t named anything back then. Then a while after I was killed our central heat and air went south to the land of non functioning appliances, and we lived with window units for several years because it was cheaper than replacing the AC and wiring at the time. But our finances changed and we could afford to get the electrical wiring changes and replaced the entire inner and outer systems, but for some reason they didn’t change the condensation drain when they installed the new system and now it’s overwhelmed by the humidity.

I’m still doing the thing for the giveaway Ford engine because it’s my best hope of getting an engine for the Sprint-T. Otherwise I don’t have the budget to keep Mrs. the Poet happy and buy an engine and transmission. The plan is to sell the prize engine or trade it for an LS junkyard engine and transmission. Or see if I could sweet talk the TV production company out of a transmission and controller in exchange for making a program or 3 out of building the Sprint-T. It’s possible but unlikely so I’m not going to put it high on the list of probabilities. The chain of events needed to make that happen is so convoluted as to make living through getting hit by a truck going 60 MPH look like an everyday thing.