Daily Archives: July 29, 2021

I don’t want to get political but

There are things going on that I can’t ignore. Some people can, but they would probably ignore their death and continue on as usual, like I did.

I am referring to the GOP members of the House claiming the rioters were “peaceful tourists” and not terrorists trying to overthrow the election in favor of their guy who lost. This was after Police were beaten, windows were broken on camera, and other acts of destruction were recorded by the people doing them. If those are the actions of “peaceful tourists” then I will be cranking my hot rod build before we go buy groceries this Saturday. Seeing as I don’t even have an engine yet nor any support items needed to crank that engine

Aside, isn’t interesting that some cars have had electric starters for over a century, and it has been almost a century since the last mass-produced car came with a crank to start the engine when the battery died, but we still use cranking the engine as synonymic with starting the engine, or spinning it over. These days it’s physically impossible to hand crank an engine unless the spark plugs are removed.

Anywho, there was a violent riot/terrorist attack in the Capitol Building, that some are denying ever happened. This is gaslighting on a mega scale, telling millions of people who saw it happen as it happened that they didn’t see what they saw. And people wonder why I’m “not a Republican”?

In other Poet news I’m currently rocking 199 entries for the small block Ford engine being given away by Powernation, which is all I can do unless 10 people click the link to help me out. It doesn’t cost anything to help except a few minutes of your time.

Continuing in news there is a discrepancy between the MS weather bug on my status bar on my computer and the Weather.com app on my phone. The report on my status bar is 95°F, but my phone says 97°F and a “feels like” of 105°.