Daily Archives: August 5, 2021

Why don’t I have groupies when I need them?

I really need some meaningless physical contact with someone who wants me because I’m (almost) famous. I used to have groupies back in the day when I was a spoken word poet, but since I haven’t had a public performance since 2012 the groupies have been a little scarce.

I think I mentioned Mrs. the Poet has been unable to return physical affection pretty much since her surgery March of last year. She has tried a couple of times, but it didn’t work out. It was uncomfortable for her after, more physical than her body could withstand. We hoped it would get better over time, but the muscles still hurt, so probably not in the near future. This leaves me with needs not filled that can cause severe problems in the near future. Seriously the last time we got in this position it was very bad, like prison bad. I’m actually rather proud of myself this time, the previous time was only a few months before I lost it, this time has been a couple of years and nobody has been hurt. But this time I had funds to work on a long-term project and make progress in it and that deflects me away from the not-snuggle problem. I have also learned other coping mechanisms that prevent the meltdown I went through before.

But it would be really great if I had access to a female who likes non-violent physical affections on a regular basis without charging for it.

As for other stuff, I’m working on it mostly as a distraction from the other problem right now. Still doing the thing where I get additional entries for the giveaway Ford from PowerNation. Still trying to get my back good. I need to get another massage like I did earlier. She was really good and got my hips working right for a extended period of time. I just need to have the money to do it.

I have a doctor appointment this month to deal with the nerve damage from the wreck that keeps me from sleeping comfortably at night. Basically the nerve damage from the wreck is still hurting when I stop moving at night, like seriously. My legs twitch at night and keep both me, and Mrs. the Poet, awake at night when we sleep together. Because of my odd sleep schedule that isn’t often. My legs will jump and twitch uncontrollably because the nerve damage causes random firing of reflexes making me move around. The appointment is for the 23rd at 0930.