Daily Archives: August 6, 2021

Not really doing good, not really doing bad

Basically I’m just treading water emotionally but not doing too bad physically at the moment. I’m sure things will improve later.

I have an appointment to renew my prescriptions with my brain doctor because of the nerve damage in my leg causing me to twitch in my sleep and wake up and generally not sleep well that happens in about 2 weeks, but I’m not confidant about it because the web site still hasn’t given me credit for the payment I made back in June almost 2 months ago. Among other things I have been dealing with my left leg blowing up like a balloon and hurting like a mother-lover. Between the other problem and the leg problems even though in general it’s not too bad, in specific it’s been bleeding awful.

And that pretty much does it for today, not much to say except “Ouch!” and I’m trying to stay up late and time shift myself to be awake during the day for a while.