Daily Archives: August 12, 2021

Life is boring, turns out I prefer boring

Yep, I’m bored and I still don’t like it, but boring is better than exciting. Exciting frequently involves doctor bills and I already have enough of them.

Speaking of doctor bills I have two doctor appointments this month, one for my brain doctor on the 23rd and another with the Lab Rat Keeper on the 17th. Both appointments are pretty much for the same reason, check me out and refill my prescriptions.

Looks like the 20th anniversary of my death will be celebrated by getting Whataburger delivered. Kids are probably going to be busy that day. That’s the day before my grandson’s birthday.

I have to spend the last few dollars of the gift cards they gave out instead of paying money at the QC for the USPS gig that ended last year because deJoy didn’t was to publicize how bad he was making the service of the Service. I’ll probably buy a burger from Red Robin.