Daily Archives: August 14, 2021

Hope everyone had a good Friday the 13th

Well almost everybody, a certain ex-President can rot in place as far as I’m concerned. And yes I know yesterday was supposed to be the day he was “re-instated” which was never going to happen. He lost by over 7 million votes and lost the electoral college, which is a thing that is past its expiration date and probably never should have existed.

I’m fighting some kind of stomach bug that has me running to the toilet every couple of hours with the squirts. I don’t actually feel bad, just every so often I get a mild cramp and run to sit on the toilet because I’ll barely be able to hold it until I’m on the throne. So far I have mostly made it on time, and spent hours cleaning up the mess from when I don’t.

The weather here has been hot the past few days, like 100+°F hot. I have been in a 76°F airconditioned space so I have been good. I feel for those who can’t get out of the heat indoors. At least the humidity has been low enough that we haven’t been fighting with the AC cutting off because the condensation drain was backed up. No AC in this heat would be miserable.

I have been thinking about the Sprint-T suspension, what I have bought and made, and how to make that work. I’m going to have to buy cambered spindles for the rear end and hope they don’t wear out my street tires, and at the same time hope they work with the race tires. I already know that too much negative camber for street tires may not be enough negative camber for race tires. Well except for the slicks I picked out, they’re designed to be run with little to no camber and still give close to optimum grip. But the DOT tires I have to run need negative camber and lots of it to make maximum grip. So the dilemma.

The front axle has the same problem with running compromise camber, it’s just harder to make that compromise. The camber on the front is adjusted by heating one side or another and rapidly cooling it to make the metal shrink in that direction, gently warping the axle to cause the ends to tilt one way or the other. This is obviously not a precise adjustment. Well it can be precise down to less than a quarter of a degree of camber, but I don’t have the experience to get that kind of precision. I’ll be lucky if my first attempts are within a degree from right to left.

Y’all have a good Saturday.