Daily Archives: August 15, 2021

Wild, dramatic race today and no game

Getting the personal stuff out of the way first, we were missing the GM again and had a player out because of family stuff, so we couldn’t play today. Still waiting to find out what my stats are and how much downtime we had to take in-game to get those stats. That information resides with the GM and he did not feel up to joining the group today. I don’t know if he was just under the weather, or not wanting to be social because of work, or not wanting to be part of the group anymore.

Now to the race, there was a Cup race on the road course at Indy and it was a barn burner. It was a good race until the steel curbs marking the edges of the track where it crossed the streets inside the oval started coming up there were several caution flags to repair the curb at turn 6 and eventually a red flag to stop the race completely to remove the curb from the corner after it wrecked a bunch of cars. The first few cars in line the drivers could see the problem and avoid it but further back than 3rd in line of a pack the drivers couldn’t see the damaged curbing at all and the damage basically ripped bodywork and suspension parts clear off the cars. I’m hoping the replacements for next year are something that doesn’t stick up and wreck the cars when it gets damaged by repeatedly getting run over or is tall enough that running it over causes the cars to get upset enough to discourage curb jumping so it doesn’t get damaged. What would be best would be concrete and make it so that people drive in the street and not on the track when there’s not a road course race going on. The temporary curbs also caused problems with both of yesterday’s races, but not to the extent they did today.

Speaking of yesterday’s races the Xfinity race had a bigtime problem with an outside curb because on restarts they were still 2 wide coming through that corner and cars were getting forced wide and over the curb and crashing out. That curb was removed before today’s Cup race which was good because the same thing would have happened if they hadn’t removed the curb because they were 2 or 3 wide coming through the same corner on every restart with the Cup cars. Also yesterday during the Indycar race there was a bit of drama as the points leader for the series had what looked like the connecting rods trying to escape the engine, complete with an oil fire in the back of the car as the oil escaped through the same holes in the engine the connecting rods went through. This is the second engine in two weeks this guy has had problems with, but not to the same extent as yesterday.

Speaking of running over curbs, that’s something the Sprint-T should be good at particularly the kind they have at permanent road courses like they had yesterday and today. Regular curbs not so much, but still unless it hits at a bad angle and damages the tie rod it could drive over regular curbs also.