Short post before I go to the doctor

I’m going to see my brain doctor tomorrow. Basically it’s a followup to check how things are going and adjust the dosage, probably up since it seems to be reducing the squeal in my head that keeps me from understanding speech, particularly if there is some other kind of noise nearby.

The main reason I’m on the gabapentin is it reduces the nerve pain in my leg that sometimes triggers a reflex reaction that makes my legs twitch at night. I hope to reduce that and not wake Mrs. the Poet because I just kicked her out of the bed. And I mean that literally, my leg will twitch sometimes hard enough to put her out of the bed.

I’m hoping someday I might be able to do something about my feet hurting, but it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon.


One response to “Short post before I go to the doctor

  1. My brother-in-law has restless leg syndrome but I’m not sure
    what meds he is taking for it. However, his biggest problem
    was his doctor when he was asked what he had been doing
    between doctor visits. He told the doctor about the plumbing,
    electrical, and drywall work that he was doing at his house.
    The doctor didn’t believe him and said that he had disillusions
    of grandeur. (My BIL is a master plumber.) I guess some people
    don’t think that people can use both their mind and their hands.

    -Also, ask your doctor what he thinks about infrared light therapy
    for your feet.


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