Daily Archives: August 25, 2021

Got the former tenant up to speed on her unemployment

And it looks like I won’t have to do it much longer. Her benefits run out after 9/11 (ironic) so we have two more visits to log in for her benefits and then she has to come up with a new excuse to hang out with us. She is coming over next Tuesday for my Death Day celebration. If you haven’t been paying attention this is a celebration of not being dead after I was dead, so not as morbid as some people are saying.

And somehow when I clicked the save button it posted instead. What can I say, I’ve been here since 2008, so there are more than a few ghosts in the machine.

Still entering for the new drawing for the giveaway engine from POWERNATION. It’s still the GenIII Hemi™ they were giving away a few days ago, so don’t get too excited. You can still click and win or help me win. Just don’t forget to come back and read the rest of the post. I’m also still researching the different transmissions I can use with it and the best alternative seems to be the NAG1 with the 3.59:1 first gear and 0.82 overdrive.

And weirdness continues, I was scrolling back and forth to make sure I don’t repeat myself and it acted like I was trying to go to another page and asked if I wanted to stay. Since I was just trying to read what I already wrote, no I didn’t want to leave.