Daily Archives: September 16, 2021

OK engineering problem here

I have been thinking about the front suspension of the Sprint-T, specifically how to get anti-dive without getting bump steer. Since this is a solid axle technically I could just change the angles on the links of the 4-bar same as if it was a rear axle trying to get anti-squat, except that moves the axle differently back and forth and changes how the wheels point depending on how hard the brakes are pushed. And since the wheels don’t change camber with bump there’s really no reason to have anti-dive in the front suspension, except to not have the front suspension travel under braking.

And really I don’t have any reason to do that, there’s nothing close to the ground up front that might hit under heavy braking. The only thing even close is the front lip of the nose, and it is about 6″ off the ground at ride height, and not very far from the front tires. The actual position is even with the fairing in the front fenders or about 5″ from the front edge of the tire, or about 18½” from the center of the front axle. To get the lip to hit would take both tires being about half flat and extremely heavy braking enough to use all the travel available in the front suspension. So really there’s no reason beyond only having a little bit of travel left in the front suspension. So, it is an intellectual exercise that won’t be used on the Sprint -T and has only served to keep my mind occupied so it doesn’t wander off and leave me without a mind. Because that would be bad.