Insert Monty Python skit here

In case you were wondering it’s this skit. I’m not dead yet

I’ve been “not sick but not well” for the last few days. No fever but no energy/will to get out of bed, and I went from actually having a diurnal sleep schedule to nocturnal again. I was asleep over 10 hours yesterday and had “dinner” for breakfast. Smoked sausage and canned green beans with boiled potatoes, yumm. Actually pretty good after being out of it for almost 13 hours total. Yeah 13 hours to get 10 hours of sleep, that’s my world when I try to sleep during the day.

There’s a cold front moving through as I compose this, complete with thunder and rain. The paper was wet when I went out to get it, but only the outer bag, everything else was dry.

OK not having much success at composing this post, can’t seem to get a coherent sentence together without a serious struggle. Like the previous sentence was about an hour of typing, deleting, typing again, deleting again &tc. Trying to decide what I’m trying to say has been the struggle. So because I have spent the last three hours trying to write this paragraph I’m going to put this one to bed.


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