Daily Archives: November 11, 2021

No surprise, I’m still p’

Both the lottery tickets I walked to the store to purchase yesterday came up as dry holes with no matching numbers. I’m unsurprised at the event. So I’m still at the point I can’t buy a vowel, so I’m p’.

Other news this is Veteran’s Day, tip of the hat to my fellow vets. My military career was distinguished mainly by how many ways I found to destroy my knees, to the point that during PT runs I was told to run out of formation because my creaky knees were creeping everyone out wondering how I was still upright. Or something like that, it’s been almost 40 years ago at this point.

Still trying to find an engine for the Sprint-T, hoping for something lightweight with an aluminum block and heads to keep the weight down, but if I was given an SBC with iron heads, or if I was to win that Hemi from this contest I wouldn’t object because free engine is better than no engine by a long shot.

Other stuff we are supposed to be getting the first installment of the new windows in a couple of weeks. This will require moving stuff around from in front of the windows, easier said than done at this point because my body is reminding me of all those times I abused my hips and knees and shoulders since birth. Basically I’m 63 years old and died at least once that has been documented and some other times that I was dead but nobody saw me dead. And because I can’t tell the difference between being dead and being unconscious unless someone checks for a pulse while I’m out and tells me what was up I have one confirmed death, and 4 or 5 suspected deaths.

And it just hit me about the absurdity of that phrasing, “Yeah I was confirmed dead once, but there were 4 or 5 other times I might have died but nobody checked.” You might say I have had a strange life. That’s what you would say if you didn’t like to use profanities. But as I look back with or without profanity my life reads like bad fiction. Or surrealist poetry, like this song. I like this song, but it is super strange. And so is this one.

And this seems like a good time to put this one to bed.