Daily Archives: November 12, 2021

Still angry, still trying to get things done

OK what I’m angry about is a dearth of female companionship in spite of being married. I haven’t cavorted with a naked woman since March, and the time before that was about a year ago. The last time I went this long without female companionship I went to jail. The only reason it hasn’t happened this time is we go months without seeing anyone except our son and the register workers at the grocery. I basically don’t have enough time to interact with anyone to commit a crime.

In less unhappy news, I got nothing. Literally there is nothing going on that I can report. “Losing the lottery” is literally the most newsworthy thing that has happened this week. Right after that is I’m getting muscle twitches in my fingers that make it hard to type on my phone without hitting lots of typos. And I don’t know what is causing it, but so far using the keyboard on my laptop is still chugging along nicely. And right when I typed that I had to delete a whole sentence because I missed almost all the vowels. I didn’t hit the wrong letters I just didn’t hit any letters where the vowels went.

Well, there is one good thing to report, neither the heat nor the AC has come on during the day, and only early in the morning does the heat come on. So we should get another great electric bill next month. (waving tiny imaginary flag) Yay.

And I think I might be a tiny bit depressed today, big surprise.

In other news I’m still not getting anything done with the Sprint-T because of no parts or raw materials or tools to do anything with them if I had them. And TBH I also don’t have the spoons even if I had the tools and raw materials.

Basically the only reason I don’t suicide is because I know it won’t work. Depression is Hwll. I should know I have been depressed since Nixon…