Daily Archives: December 3, 2021

What I want for Xmas 2021

It’s a short list this year with prices running from free to $thousands. Incidentally the first item on the list has that exact price spread.

1) A night with a naked woman. If Mrs. the Poet fills this one it’s free, if we have to farm it out the price can exceed $2000.

2) An aluminum block 5.3l LS engine set up for a manual transmission and a T5 transmission. I don’t even have to get this one tuned as the stock 5.3l has more than enough power to get the Sprint-T moving at race speed without getting the last pound of torque or HP out of it. If I get this the Sprint-T will come in at <1500 pounds with the race tank full of gas. This is the most expensive item on the list, even at junkyard prices.

3) Underwear, tighty-whities in 36-38. When I go shopping they never seem to have any in my size, so I have to ask for it.

4) Ankle socks to fit an 8.5 Men's shoe foot. I have 3 pairs left and they are getting transparent in the heels

5) A Hotwheels car. I'm looking for real cars, like hot/street rods or muscle cars, not the cartoon type cars. And I don't need/want bunches of them, just one that sells for like $2.00.

Peace on Earth would be nice, too