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I’m turning into a grouch

Basically I have things that hurt all the time, even when I take painkillers. I mean seriously I wake up with a pain in the neck, butt, and my feet are touchy and sore. I’m a grouchy old man, because I’m in constant low-grade pain that never quits, and I can’t do the things I want to do if they cost money because I don’t have any disposable income.

Anywho, getting back to the painkillers, I have two (ibuprofen and gabapentin) I take before bed to let me sleep, and another (celebrex) I take when I wake up because I hurt during the day. And I still hurt at night and all day long, just not as much. I just “don’t hurt” enough that I can function most of the time. And I hate it. I hate just being “functional” instead of enjoying life. And I hate just existing instead of doing things I like because “disposable income” is more a concept than a reality in my life because I was killed 20 years ago and never recovered from it.

I’m still thinking about the Sprint-T project because I have to, I have been thinking about it every day for the last decade, and off and on since I saw the movie in 1968, The Lively Set, on NBC’s Saturday Night at the Movies. That’s a long time to be thinking about a project. For years it was a back-burner because I wanted to fly, then because I had a family, then because we became desperately poor because I couldn’t get a job after the wreck.

Basically before the wreck I relied on using my brain to get work, then I had TBI from the wreck and all the stuff I used to do better than anyone else I could barely do at all. I lost all ability to compose search strings that took me to the answer in a database in a single step, which we now call having good “Google-fu”. Basically I had google-fu before google was a thing, and after the drunk with the truck I didn’t have anything. I also used to be able to write and perform poetry to a high level, and now I write… this. I do good “stream of consciousness” writing because I still have that, but planning out a post/article is basically gone. I still can clean up a bad translation like nobody’s business, because I have the train wreck sitting in front of me to work with, and mostly it’s just bad grammar, or confusing word order that means something different than what the client wanted to say because machines don’t do emotional context.

And that’s enough “pitiful me” kvetching. Go find something useful to do that makes beautiful things.


The time to enter the contest has ended

Which means no more time to get me bonus entries to win the Hemi™ they were giving away. Now we (I) wait to see who won. And as much as I would love to win a free engine, this one is 1) too heavy, and 2) too powerful for my build. Seriously, too much torque for the T5 so needs a different (heavier) transmission, and also too much power to stay hooked to the track because it still only weighs like 1900 pounds, with the heavier transmission. Instead of the 1500 pounds (more or less) with the aluminum block LS engine with the T5 transmission. So if I win I’m selling it for an L33 with a T5 and saving about 400 pounds in the combination.

OK this is annoying, I keep hitting key combinations that make the text on my compose page small. Excuse me not just small, tiny. As in very hard to read, but goes back to normal by hitting <ctrl/0> which sets the whole page back to normal. Basically what’s happening is I’m catching odd alt and ctrl combinations that are shrinking the text in my compose window almost to nothing, and I don’t know how they keep getting pressed. It is both confounding and annoying, and I wish it would stop. I don’t even know which keys are getting pressed, it’s just that I look up from typing on the keyboard to find the text all scrunched up and hard to read.

Other news I’m giving family gift cards this year because everyone in gift-giving range is moving this year. My son is getting card(s) to local restaurants so he’s both getting free food and supporting local business rather than big chains. The other local kid is getting a Lowes card to buy stuff for their new house. Basically both of my local enough to get presents in person kids are moving or buying new houses and don’t need “stuff” now, so gift cards are the thing this year. The other thing is something small for the grandkid so he gets something to unwrap from Grandma and Grandpa. Well the gift cards will be in something that can be wrapped, too, so everybody gets to unwrap something.

Also, I still need socks and underwear, so that option is out there for the local-to-me family.

Game was a bust today

Basically I still have a butt-ton of karma to spend and how that should be done is a major group issue. One option discussed is swapping out a few levels in auto mechanics for being able to fix everything in game including spaceships. Right now I have 6 levels in auto mechanics, meaning I can take a few tools into a junkyard and drive out a few hours to a couple of days later, a la Roadkill in our world. The tradeoff would be having a decent chance to fix anything that moves in Shadowrun, but not at the level I have currently in auto mechanics. I generally have little use for my auto mechanics skills except for when we capture a vehicle from the people we are doing runs against, like when I restored the Ford used to attack me a few runs ago, in an extended test of ability. That was fun as I made several rolls against repairing damage from the grenades and neglect to get a like-new car in the game.

In other things in the real world the windows are installed and it is now possible to sit on the couch and see the back yard and also not get cold drafts from the gaps around the windows. Yay? I think I mentioned that the coating between the panes of the old windows went totally opaque a few years ago and that the sealer between the house and the windows also died a few years ago, and now that I dropped way too much money on three windows the worst are fixed. I did this at a very high personal cost as basically every penny from the Sprint-T budget went to the windows. I have made almost zero progress towards completing the build this year. I have worked with the parts I already have to try to get something done, but so far not much is getting done, because $ is an abstraction in this house, a concept that doesn’t really exist. Which is why I’m asking for socks and underwear for Christmas.

I really didn’t mean to unload this on you, but I don’t have anywhere else to dump it and I can’t keep it bottled up anymore. If I don’t let it out I’ll asplode, and that’s messy. So rather than make a mess all over everything, I’ll dump it here. You’re welcome 😝

What I want for Xmas 2021

It’s a short list this year with prices running from free to $thousands. Incidentally the first item on the list has that exact price spread.

1) A night with a naked woman. If Mrs. the Poet fills this one it’s free, if we have to farm it out the price can exceed $2000.

2) An aluminum block 5.3l LS engine set up for a manual transmission and a T5 transmission. I don’t even have to get this one tuned as the stock 5.3l has more than enough power to get the Sprint-T moving at race speed without getting the last pound of torque or HP out of it. If I get this the Sprint-T will come in at <1500 pounds with the race tank full of gas. This is the most expensive item on the list, even at junkyard prices.

3) Underwear, tighty-whities in 36-38. When I go shopping they never seem to have any in my size, so I have to ask for it.

4) Ankle socks to fit an 8.5 Men's shoe foot. I have 3 pairs left and they are getting transparent in the heels

5) A Hotwheels car. I'm looking for real cars, like hot/street rods or muscle cars, not the cartoon type cars. And I don't need/want bunches of them, just one that sells for like $2.00.

Peace on Earth would be nice, too

Supposed to be getting new windows today

This is the third date scheduled to install the windows we ordered back in May or June. First time was mid-October, then mid-November exactly a month later, and then December 1st. There haven’t been any contact from the vendor/installers since the first week of November when they rescheduled the third time, so I’m hopeful today’s the day and by tonight we can see out the dining room windows.

The windows being replaced are original to the construction of the house in 1985. The inside between the panes of one window is completely opaque white, which seems to be common to this particular brand of window. There was an anti-reflective coating that didn’t age well and when the inert gas between the panes leaked out that coating just went frosted white. Also the wood under the windows is deteriorated to the point that it needs replacement too. That’s also part of the project today. Fortunately the weather forecast is for mid-70s high and mid-50s low, so we won’t suffer too much from the (non-existent) cold.

Other news I’m still looking for a drivetrain to install in the Sprint-T. I still have no budget because I’m buying windows I can see through and all my money is being spent on windows. Before we decided to replace the windows that money was supposed to go to buy a rear axle. Or at least that was what I had planned to do with that money. Now I’m buying windows. Also my taxes and insurance are both going way up so I don’t know if I’ll have money in the budget next year either. I’m old enough to remember double-digit inflation, so for me this is a recurring nightmare.