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Sorry for not posting

Because I don’t have anything to write about. Mostly what I have been doing is looking for an overdrive transmission that doesn’t weigh anything and has a torque capacity to handle large displacement LS engines and can be picked up for next to nothing at a junkyard. The difficulty is light weight and high torque capacity are pretty much mutually exclusive, or are hideously expensive. There is a T5 variant that weighs 80 pounds and has 550 ft-pounds capacity, but runs north from $4k when you can find it, which is slightly more often than “never”.

There’s a kit that makes a T5 handle 600 ft-pounds, but you have to have the T5 first, which I don’t. The good thing is the replacement gears in the kit are only a pound or so heavier than the stock gears so your finished transmission is 76 to 78 pounds plus a quart of ATF.

What I’m fighting against is the power to weight to cost champ is the LS-LT GM family of engines from the junkyard have more torque than the cheap transmissions can handle. The cheap champ OD transmission is the T5 at $500 and up for rebuildable cores locally, but only has a 300 ft-pound capacity and the 4.8 LS has 300-330 ft-pound output depending on tune which is the lowest of the engine families. If I wasn’t trying to build as light as possible because the classes I’m competing in have essentially no minimum weight, or a minimum weight so low that I will never get that low with the car I’m trying to build, I could go with the heavier transmissions. But I’m building light and cheap because F=m*a and reducing “m” increases “a” proportionally, and I’m a genetic tightwad. Or maybe a cultural tightwad because I don’t see any signs of it in my kids. But I’m building to a 900 pound with driver minimum weight for the class with a published minimum weight, or about 700 pounds empty, and the other classes have no minimum weight but do require equipment that kinda raise the weight the car has to be built to, like horn, headlights and fenders. And a pickup bed in one class. So we are looking at about 1500 pounds empty± in race trim (3 gallon gas tank).

And this is about where I’m putting this to bed, I’m running out of things to say.


The road goes on forever

But the party ended a long time ago. This pandemic is going to kill me. I don’t like to keep harping on the same subject (almost 8 years of articles on bicycle wrecks and infrastructure notwithstanding) but this keeping socially distanced is causing me actual harm. I have needs that preclude keeping any distance, much less 6 feet.

And the source of today’s headline is this mournful tune: Robert Earl Keen- The Road Goes On Forever And The Party Never Ends I picked a version that wasn’t as long as the others, because the song shouldn’t go on forever.

I’m still trying to stay mobile enough to climb in and out of the cage of the Sprint-T, but between the lack of range-of-motion in my hips and the pains in my shoulders and everything getting worse it’s a race between getting the raw stock in and the main hoops bent and not being able to move right to get in. I’m hoping I win this race, by finishing the car before I can’t swing a leg over the top of the cage.

And this feels like a good place to wrap up for the night.

Not actually making progress

Mrs. the Poet has been encouraging me to find other outlets for my hugging and kissing and cuddling needs, because when I meet them with her it causes her pain. And before anyone makes a comment there’s no BDSM involved, it just makes her hurt to be cuddled since she had back surgery in March of 2020. So because it hurts her and I need it to stay sane, she’s told me I need to find some local to me. So far this has been a fruitless search. Those that have expressed interest have not been local, and nobody local has expressed interest. As you might imagine this also causes me distress.

On other fronts I finally got the HotWheels car I wanted for Christmas:
I can't decide if this is a straight six from looking at the top, or a V6 from looking at the exhaust

And this:
This is more from the side

For the benefit of people who can’t read the title texts “I can’t decide if this is a straight six from looking at the top, or a V6 from looking at the exhaust”, and “This is more from the side”. The car is a Mod Rod and I have zero idea of what it’s based on, but it resembles a ’32 Ford Victoria from the rear 3/4.

So, what do you think of my new thing I got last week?

I can’t do what I need to do for my happiness, what do I do?

I’m in a quandary. I need physical contact including hugs and kisses, but don’t have access to people who want to have physical contact. As you might imagine, this causes me problems. I need physical contact on the regular, and right now I’m at one for 2021 and not looking any better for 2022.

I try to sublimate my need for physical affection by massage, but TBH that is a poor substitute for the exchange of physical affection. It’s better than nothing, but that’s not saying much. Ramen noodles are better than nothing but living on just the noodles long-term will result in malnutrition, and substituting massage for acts of physical affection will result in the emotional equivalent of malnutrition. And the causes of both are pretty much the same, one is the inability to buy and prepare nutritious food, the other is the inability to find or hire someone willing to provide the kind of physical affection that maintains sanity. Money cures many forms of insufficiency.

And this is kinda short but the post is degenerating into a pity party and nobody wants that.

Happy Insurrection-verserary

I’m going political again, because this was as big an attack on the country as 9/11. And I’m not kidding, 9/11 was an attack by external enemies, but 1/6 was an attack from within. I watched it live as it happened, and I know what I saw.

There are people trying to say it was Antifa (even though they can’t pronounce it right) or Democrats under a false flag (literally as they were waving Trump campaign banners), which when you stop to think about it is about as dumb as it gets. Why would the Democrats try to overthrow an election they won? But then nobody has ever accused MAGAts of having an excess of logic capacity.

But forget all that, how are you dealing with the anniversary of the attempted overthrow of the government?

And the correct way to pronounce Antifa is to use the component words of the portmanteau, anti and fa for fascist, Anti-Fascist, like Anti-Aircraft cannons, not using the Hispanic pronunciation with the “i” accented and pronounced like “ee”, or having the “fa” unaccented. That irks me so much, pronouncing words wrong. I’m a guy who has been working with words since the close of the previous century and words matter to me. I was proclaimed to be the Opus who was the poet and not the penguin way back in 1998, which means words have been part of my Identity for about 22 years. It’s like when a mechanic sees someone using a screwdriver as a prybar or a chisel, it’s just wrong all the way down to my soul.

And I really need to get my neck worked on again, I’m having problems drinking the last bits from a cup, glass, or bottle because I can’t tilt my neck back that far. The 2 liter bottles are especially troublesome, because the necks are uphill from the parts of the bottles that collect the last of the drink.

The fireworks and gunshots are over

So we decided it was safe to stick our heads above ground and take a look around. People in TX really like shooting guns and fireworks to celebrate things, and there were many bullets flying last night. It was like a war zone between the fireworks and the gunshots.

It’s supposed to get around 20°F tomorrow morning after getting to 70° this afternoon, which does bad things to people’s health. This is partially the result of our location near the boundary of continental and coastal weather areas, which gets us some rather violent weather, and partially because of climate change which makes these boundary areas more severe. But anyway the temperature has been dropping like a rock off a cliff outside, and went from toasty warm to “I had to put a shirt on” in my office in just a few hours. Seriously I was watching the news with just sweatpants and slippers and the thermostat was reading over 70°, and now the thermometer on my clock is showing 65° and my fingers are freezing and working intermittently. And the emergency resistance heater just kicked in, I can tell because it smells like burned hair in here.

I’m still thinking about the Sprint-T, but as raw material prices are way up and my available budget is way down my completion date is now even more indefinite than before, which makes me even more depressed than before. And like I wrote before I’m not sure I’ll be able to get in and out of the car with my limited range of motion in my hips and shoulders, something else to make me depressed. Like I really needed more things to be depressed about. Between my love life and the Sprint-T, well there just hasn’t been much to get happy over. But then again aside from that things are pretty good. I have a safe place to sleep, more than enough food, and the heat and AC both work, as was proved with both today. Things could be much worse.

And things have been much worse, not that long ago. Being hit by the truck and being dead is like a blink of the eye for me, but then again impossibly long ago. It has been nearly a third of my life since the wreck, but some days it feels like yesterday. That’s just how it is.

And now I’m getting maudlin on you guys, so this feels like a good time to put this one to bed.