The weather looks like a mess

The local temperature is bouncing between 32° and 33° F (0 and .4° C) and it’s raining. That combines to make it miserable to be outside. It could get worse if it drops another couple of degrees F, which is in the forecast. If I was to go outside I would be wet and miserable right now, instead I’m sitting at my desk in a fairly warm house with a few drafts across my desk, that make my fingers hurt.

In other news I found a transmission with a 0.68 top gear that has a 500 ft-pound rating and only weighs 99 pounds and costs $2200± depending on the exchange rate that day.TKO 5 speed RWD transmission Not as light as a GeForce T5, but thou$and$ less in price. Tradeoffs must be made in the pursuit of performance on a budget.

And the freezing rain has been making small chunks of ice fall off the branches outside my office window randomly, which make me jump when it happens. I’m not real sure of how that happens, but it does. As I understand freezing rain a supercooled drop of water changes state to frozen when it hits the surface of an object, which should mean it’s frozen to the object and incapable of falling off until it melts, but it seems we are getting freezing on top of molten water that remains unfrozen because Texas weather is weird, and then when it gets heavy enough it falls off the surface it froze on. This was happening fairly frequently when I started composing this post, but the temperature has dropped several degrees since I started and the rain has changed to sleet and the small falling things haven’t been falling lately, or at least not loud enough for me to notice. It’s now 29°F, 3-4 degrees F cooler than at the time I started composing this post, and when the furnace fan isn’t running I can only hear the delicate pitter-patter of sleet on the ground.


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