Daily Archives: March 2, 2022

Short months throw me off a bit

And by “short” I’m not just talking about February, I’m talking about all the “less than 31 days” months. I’m taking part in a 3-day challenge to not drink alcohol for the 29, 30, and 31 of February😆

The Shadowrun game is proceeding apace. We had a technical issue with my headset that prevented me from talking to the rest of the group which burned up an hour of game time, but my character grabbed one of the slower characters and carried her into the fight at her request so she could get within range in one initiative pass to save play time. I have one synthetic arm and the other arm is enhanced to the same strength so since she’s classified as a “small” character my strength could handle her weight no prob. I scored low on initiative this time, so I had to wait for the spellcasters to handle their mechanics first before I could fire my grenade launcher, since I couldn’t swing my katana with the munchkin over my shoulder. At some point we’re going to have her either get off of me or switch to riding my shoulders like Master Blaster so I can use both arms/hands. Anyway, I only got 3 shots off all game, 2 single and one 3 round burst to clear away a mob of shelves and cursed products in front of the party, that was very effective at providing a clear shot at the objective. Our short-term goal is the employee-only space at the rear of the store, which should be outside the building as the volume of the shopping area in the building is pretty much the same as the size of the building, so we’re assuming that is where the really weird shit is either hanging out or being stored. The spellcasters are taking care of living things and I’m blowing shit up, so that we have a clear path to the objective. My character is having a good time, but wants to have both arms free to fight so he can use his katana when things get too tight to use the grenade launcher and he has to go to melee range.

On the Sprint-T front I found a kit to fill the gap between the engine and a t-5 transmission yet another cost for building a manual transmission car avoided with an automatic transmission. And I’m still looking for a transmission that can be shifted with only a throttle lift without using the clutch, as there is only enough space for my feet side by side and a steering column between the bellhousing and the inside wall of the body with the engine moved as far to the right as it will fit (26″ inside to inside where the engine fits in the front of the body, and a 19″ wide bellhousing leaves 7″ for everything else), so I’m thinking hand clutch instead of a pedal. That means I need both hands to use the clutch and shift if I have to use the clutch to shift, thus the need for a transmission that can be shifted quickly without needing to de-clutch. This means I need a faceplated or dog box (same thing, different name) transmission. The lengths I go to, to remove a few pounds from the car.

And this feels like a good place to put this post to bed.