Daily Archives: March 6, 2022

That was unreal, playing Shadowrun today

We just finished the strangest run we have ever had playing Shadowrun, we attacked a literal Omega Mart in McKinney. Basically our technomancer took down the store’s host, then we took down the magic around the store, than I attacked the heart with a 3 round burst of HE grenades and we found ourselves standing in the alley behind the empty lot where the store used to be with the ichor from the disintegrating magical beings we killed splashed on us disappearing into the mist. We literally stared in the face of Death in the process of clearing out the Big Bad.

Recapping we got hired by a sweet little old lady and offered drams of orichalcum per runner and additional drams for the party to attack a convenience store up the pike a bit in McKinney. Recon of the target was freaky, as in this video of the prototype that the GM based this run on. Remove the “employee experience” part of the video and just stay in the “store”, and add magic “employees” with combat powers and that’s a small part of what the run was about. We made the run during the one hour a day the store was closed for restocking, and the products, produce, and meat, was attacking us to great effect. We were close to a TPK at least 3 times, but we used teamwork to fight our way through and killed the store to find ourselves standing outside of where the store used to be, with everything that happened to us in the way of damage like it never happened, except for rounds of ammunition expended and healing supplies and magical items expended. Destroying the heart of the store literally undid everything that happened to us in the store, and also made the store itself cease to exist and the location return to its pre-store condition.

Also we had a post-run session where the magic-users fenced our orichalcum, and with everything shared out equally it came to ¥168000

Another thing to report not related to the RPG group, I’m typing on a brand new laptop with a 57GB SSD and a 128 GB external drive from the two computers prior to this one, the Chromebook and the windows unit after that. I’m really blown away with the speed of the SSD. Booting the computer is a whole new experience, going from a completely cold boot to reading a page on the internets in less than 30 seconds with typing my password into the computer to finish booting the majority of that time. Compared to my 4 YO computer that booted to the desktop in a little over 2 minutes, that’s almost instantaneous. Now I also have a much smaller internal storage than my old laptop, but I still have 99+GB free space to put files on my flash drive so I’m still good on space since I’m not editing videos or engineering drawings on this box. Unlike the box I had back before I got hit, where I had literally less than 100 MB of storage, and I was doing engineering drawings and simulations on that computer. This is bliss.