Daily Archives: March 16, 2022

Still gotta write something

If only I hadn’t gotten the TBI, this would be so much easier. I could still put poetry up here, or maybe a story. SOMETHING other than this stream of consciousness stuff. I mean S.o.C is good as far as it goes, it just doesn’t go far enough.

I have a different version of Windows 11 on this computer than I had on the last laptop, because this one kinda installed itself when I connected to the Internet and the one on my old laptop was an upgrade on the existing copy of 10 that was already on the computer. The issue is the apps I use to open certain files don’t work like they did before. I used to open .pdf files with Chrome, but doing that in W 11 results in files that try to save again in random directories of the drive selected. It could be worse, it could be in random directories of random drives. I discovered this when I bought some publications that were posted in .pdf form and they did the stupid thing when I tried to read what I bought. Windows seems to do what I want when I use the apps that Microsoft wants me to use, not the apps I want to use. In this case it doesn’t matter because all I care about is getting to read the stuff I bought, regardless. And there is no functional difference between opening a .pdf in Chrome or opening it in Edge except for changing the default app in settings.

The .pdf I’m trying to read is the e-book of the dead-tree edition of Sacrimony – A tale of love, life and death in no particular order, I bought volume 3 after buying the first two. Actually the .pdf comes free for buyers of the dead-tree edition I bought. The artist is currently having a RL scheduling problem which is impacting the updates in a negative way, just like most of the websites on that section of my bookmarks. This comic has gone from once a week to once a month, which is still better than some of the comics in that corner of my bookmarks that have gone to once a year or less. One of the comics I (used) to follow hasn’t updated in 5 years and they stopped in the middle of an arc (painting the bedroom).Atomic Laundromat At one point I was reading several hundred webcomics a day and had 9 different folders, one for every day and 2 more for the ones that didn’t update every week.

And I’m ready for sleep, well tired, but I don’t know how long it will take to shut my brain down and actually get to sleep. Not too long, I hope. But it feels like there is a bunch of stuff churning around up there that will keep me awake for a while before everything shuts down and I can sleep. But the sooner I go to bed the sooner I can go to sleep, so I’m putting this post to bed so I can get to bed.