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Talked to the cable/internet company

And they still don’t know why they rejected our last payment, or maybe they’re just not telling us. But we still can’t pay until we get an accurate bill. So we are facing loss of internet in a couple of days. I have a back-up but I much prefer not to have to use it. It’s been a month and we still don’t have an accurate bill. I can’t pay the bill until we get an accurate bill. Basically, they recorded receiving the last payment and the same day declining the payment, then charged us for not sending in the payment. But they have records of getting the payment we didn’t send, according to them. Basically it’s a SNAFU.

My hips are acting up again, making me walk like I’m drunk even when I haven’t had any alcohol. I have two different injuries to the hips, basically my right hip was hyperextended when I fell out of a yoga pose and basically stuck my knee in my chest and chin. And you know what happened to my left hip, lots of surgical trauma repairing the broken bones from the truck hitting me, scars all over the place that after a few years have tightened up and limit my mobility. Like seriously, when I move either hip in certain ways, it hurts or doesn’t move. Sometimes both, and that really irks me. I mean I can deal with either hurting or not moving, but both on the same hip at the same time is too much.

Got the Snack Crate today and there were many things that Mrs. the Poet won’t eat, like Haribo gummy spaghetti, dried apple and cinnamon sticks, tomato and basil Cheetos, tomato onion and basil Lays, jelly bananas, and mystery fruit hard candies (Flocos de Neve), and some kind of fruit chews that resemble starburst. I have no idea why she’s turning down the apple sticks or the Cheetos or the potato chips, because all were good and not-spicy. Other things are just an automatic no for texture, like the jelly banana candy. Our daughter who visited from Scotland also left a bottle of Irn Bru, which is basically orange creme soda, but vegan. Which was also something Mrs. the Poet didn’t want.

Mrs. the Poet is having foot problems which are causing her to have constant pain, which is making her grouchy. As someone who has dealt with persistent pain for years I can understand this. Some days I’m not too much fun either. Basically her problem is her calluses are drying up and falling off and they are pulling at the live skin in the process and causing infections that also hurt. It is not a good situation for her. She hasn’t been able to wear shoes for weeks.

And I’m starting to fold now, along with running out of things to say, so this would be a good place to put this post to bed and then me.


I have something to write about

It’s something weird, but a topic is a topic and I’m running with this one.

Mrs. the Poet wanted orange juice, but didn’t specify as the kind of orange juice so we got her no-pulp calcium fortified juice. Now I’m drinking the last of the carton and it appears I’m drinking orange flavored mud. There is the sensation of not actual mud, but a slightly chalky feel to the substance that poured from the carton, like the calcium precipitated out and sank to the bottom. It has a very orange taste to it, so not bad just strange to find in your orange juice.

I want to start making parts for the Mini Sprint-T, but my tube bender seems to have taken a vacation without me. As in nowhere to be seen in the house and Mrs. the Poet has no idea what she did with it. Not even when I described it to her in detail. As I can’t make the roll hoops without it I’m up the unsanitary tributary for making the roll hoops plural, there are two identical pieces needed to make the middle part of the frame. Without the bender I can’t make those parts identical. Without the bender it’s unlikely I can even make anything resembling a roll hoop.

Other thigs (what are thigs and why didn’t my spell checker flag this when I meant to write things?) things on my mind (besides malfunctioning spell checkers) are I’m eating potato chips that were advertised as costing $1.87 and shelf-tagged $1.87, but scanned at $3.49 and I’m still steamed about it. They are very good potato chips, but they would be even better at $1.87. If I had caught the mistake before I left the store I could have had it fixed, but once I stepped out of the doors it was Too Late To Fix (dun dun, duhn music). Sorry, I’ve been listening to a really silly podcast and it kinda rubbed off on me.

Things could be worse, I could live in the Ukraine

Just got off a 22 minute call with the cable/internet company to find out why they rejected our last payment and then charged us for doing it. We called the credit union, and they never got the check from the cable company so it didn’t bounce, so why it was reversed is still a question. Anywho, they now have 7 days to respond or drop the charges.

Pollen counts are in the red levels for my particular allergies, and I feel like I have been punched in the face. Like seriously my eyes are not fully functional, barely focus, and are highly painful. Trees are not so bad but grass is at the top of the charts.

Something serendipitous happened earlier, I was reading a story in this month’s Hot Rod magazine about a car that was turned into a Hot Wheels car, and when I was walking by the Hot Wheels display while grocery shopping I saw that exact car on the rack for a buck. So being the huge nerd I am, I bought it. The car was the Triassic Five ’55 Chevy gasser. I bought four Hot Wheels cars so far this year, because I wanted them and I have the money since they were only a buck.

Still trying to find a dentist to get dentures from, and hoping it’s soon because my gums are starting to hurt. I have the money from the tax return, but none of the local dentists do dentures. I may have to make an appointment to the dental school downtown, but I hope not, because that’s a long trip no matter what mode of transit I use.

And I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open because allergies, so I will end this post.

Happy 4/20

If you can, spark a bowl to celebrate!

I can’t, both because it’s still not legal here, and because even getting a good smell of ganja gives me a splitting headache. Still haven’t nailed why this is but since it only developed after I was killed, the best assumption is it has something to do with the TBI from the wreck.

Listening to Bob Marley on my music app.

My state is getting run by evil people

I was in a discussion about “evil genius” in another forum, and their criteria for “evil Genius” describes the leaders of my state to a “T”. I mean just look at the Texas/Mexico border. They are solving the “problem” of drug and human smuggling by creating a huge logistics snarl, without any demonstrated success. If there were people and drugs being brought through the ports-of-entry in the volumes they are saying the people and drugs are being brought through, then there should be at least one shipment of drugs/sex slaves they caught by now, and there would have been lots of propaganda about it. But no drugs or sex slaves as of yet.

But they do have literal tons of spoiled produce, and auto parts delayed, and other critical components of consumer goods that can’t be built because parts aren’t here, but are stuck in a truck that is stuck in a line at the border.

The other things are problems that only exist in their minds, like women having safe abortions, LGBTQ people existing, and not selling all the oil that exists. Selling energy in forms that don’t harm the environment are literally a threat to their existence in their minds. The rest I still haven’t figured out except as need to control everyone! And I literally don’t understand this except as an extension of “I’m not happy, so nobody can be happy,” philosophy. And the worst of it is, even if you could handwave those people away, there are legions of people exactly like them to replace them. Public executions involving long, drawn-out, and excruciatingly painful deaths would not slow these bastards up, they would step right up to replace them before the bodies reached equilibrium with ambient temperature.

Personally I’m a “I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me” kind of guy. If what you do endangers me, then I want to stop that behavior. Otherwise “Do as you will shall be the whole of the law.” Or as another person put it “The “right” to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” Or to use the entire quote “An as ye harm none, do as ye will shall be the whole of the law.” And my rule is “Don’t hurt people. And don’t hurt people for fun or I’ll hurt you.” And it’s starting to look like people in state Government are hurting people for fun.

I feel guilty about not posting

But I just don’t have anything new to say. Nothing has really changed, I’m still crippled, Mrs. the Poet is still pushing her walker around, trees are still having sex and I’m still in the splash radius of it causing my allergies to flare up, and all the other things that are normally not right.

The one thing new is that the elder daughter is visiting from Scotland now that Trump is out and the pandemic restrictions on travel have been lifted. She works for the NHS in Scotland so she’s totally up to date on all the boosters because it’s required by her employer. And of course free because she lives in a civilized country. She hasn’t been back since 2016 because of Trump &co. screwing up the country. But Biden is marginally acceptable so she came back to see us and Alex specifically. She’s very fond of her little (or not so little as he is now) nephew. She brought cookies (or as they are called there “biscuits”) and candies from Scotland to share with us. They are vegan, of course.

But other than that I don’t have anything new to relate. It’s just the same thing over and over and over. Just a little worse than it used to be.

The story of shedding the winter fur is complete for this year

And it was EPIC! this year.

You probably read the story of getting the clippers (or you’re going to click back a page, I’ll wait) well getting the haircut was an even bigger slog over two days. I don’t like to dunk on DART, but Thursday was very dunkable. The barbershop I go to for the flattop is two buses from Casa de El Poeta and closes at 1800 weekdays and Saturday. Well it’s about a half hour ± from the house to the shop by bus, and I was tired of dropping $10-15 for a ride that only costs me $1.50 on DART. Well after what I went through on Thursday I decided to cough up the $$ on Friday.

First up, I was going to catch the 1636 bus on Thursday at the corner so I left early to not be late because there was a gusty wind blowing that was hard to stand up in, a few minutes after 1600. I know I got to the stop at 1625, because I activated my pass a couple of minutes after I got there and the timestamp on the pass was 1627 9 minutes before the bus was supposed to get there. Google Maps has the trip from the transfer station to the barbershop at 3 minutes, passing 5 stops. If I had caught the 1636 I would have been there by 1700. But there wasn’t a 1636 to catch, the next scheduled run was 1706, which was canceled, and the bus that was scheduled to be there at 1636 showed up at 1703. I got to the transfer station at 1712, with my transfer supposed to leave at 1715 and let me off at 1718 almost directly in front of the shop.

Notice I wrote “supposed” to leave. And the next schedule was supposed to leave at 1745 and still get me to the shop before closing at 1800. Well I gave that one up as hopeless at 1755 and set my sights on home. The next bus home was supposed to leave at 1759, and the next schedule was supposed to leave at 1830, again “supposed”. The next bus home showed up a couple minutes before 1900 and I got to the house wore out by trying to keep my feet against the wind just before 1930.

Friday I summoned a Lyft (which I’m still insisting sounds like a cantrip spell in D&D) and coughed up the $13 to get to the barbershop a little after 1700, waited my turn and got an excellent haircut, and then the stylist offered me a ride home, and I was home by 1820.

Anyway this was what I looked like Wednesday at the start of the process.

Fuzzy Wuzzy to begin with

After buzzing off the chin fur

The more heroic look after buzzing off the chin fur.
The more heroic view after buzzing off the chin fur

After shaving the stubble away

Brushed my hair for the heroic view

The final product with the stubble of waiting a day longer to get it cut

The first pictures with the green shirt were taken on Wednesday, the one with the blue shirt was Friday evening. Notice in the last picture the long eyebrow hairs coming from the bridge of my nose are gone. And that was the saga of taking 3 days to get a shave and a haircut.

In the process of shedding my Winter Fur

And unlike other mammals that grow a winter coat, mine requires clippers and a razor to remove. It’s still a work in progress, but I did take pictures of the major stages along the way. I’ll post them in the next post. So far I’m at the “needs a haircut” stage but I’m clean-shaven. And like any partially complete renovation, I look goofy.

The trek to buy the clippers was a slog, because after I bought the clippers I decided to get a massage because the massage place was in walking distance of the Harbor Freight where I bought the clippers. Checking Google Maps, it’s about 0.6 miles or almost exactly 1 km. And as it was 95°F Tuesday, April 5th, I was hot and tired after making that walk as I haven’t had time to acclimate to heat, but I had a good rest and cool down at the massage place’s hot room. I know that seems like a paradox, to cool off in a hot room, but that’s in reference to the normal temperature of the establishment at about 72°F and this room is roughly 78-80°F. And 15°F is plenty of differential for cooling off from getting hot outside, without getting chilled by cooling off too rapidly.

The massage was a good one with a lot of work on my injuries from Before Times, and man do I have a lot of old injuries. Both knees, both hips, ankles and left foot and calf muscle from where the truck hit me. I still have the bump on the back of the tibia where the bumper of that truck hit me. My calf is a mesh of old surgical scars and missing bits from other wrecks, which is odd because the parts on a bike that take bites out of calf skin are on the opposite side of the bike from the calf with all the scars while the calf that lived in close proximity to the things that chew up legs for decades are pristine (except for the shaving scars).

And I have run out of things to write about because I still haven’t checked my lottery tickets from Wednesday night (it’s Thursday morning as I write this). So Imma put this to bed now.

No game again, and other things

First of all I want to apologize to the people who didn’t think my 4/1 post was funny, I thought surviving another wreck with two more dead vehicles was hysterical. Some of you, not so much.

Congrats to JGR and Denny Hamlin for winning the Cup race in Richmond yesterday, and breaking the string of under-30 winners on the Cup level with an over-40 driver. The race was a barn-burner with lots of dueling for position. I thoroughly enjoyed the race. Harvick almost caught him at the end but couldn’t quite get there. The battles between drivers on different tire strategies were epic.

I was able to watch the race because we didn’t have game with the RPG group because allergies put our GM down for the count, right after he got back up from his brain med problems, the only allergy med that doesn’t have dangerous interactions with his brain meds is diphenhydramine, or the same med I use as a sleep aid. This leaves him basically stoned but not high when he takes it, not good for guiding a bunch of murder hoboes through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. So, no game yesterday.

The weather change has been disrupting my sleep because I was sleeping too warm and basically waking up covered in sweat every morning, not a good thing because I was sleeping maybe 3 or 4 hours a day before it got too warm, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. As previously stated in other posts I sleep best when I’m cool to cold under warm covers, or slightly cool under light covers. I’m still not acclimated to being warm yet, so my sleep is not stable yet.

Totally off on another tangent, I decided to get some clippers tomorrow from Harbor Freight because my old clippers corroded solid because I didn’t use a quality oil to keep them lubricated. Let that be a lesson, always lube your clippers after use, because skin residues are corrosive. So I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight so I’m awake to get the clippers tomorrow.

There was a terrible wreck

While Opus was crossing the street today in the fog. Only the first two vehicles actually hit him the other 17 ran into the vehicle in front of them. Opus was crossing a 4 lane street with a median and two vehicles ran the red light as Opus was crossing with the light just like the first time he was hit.

Opus is very angry as his cane that his mother gave him in December of 2001 was ruined, and one of his two pair of long pants had the seat ripped out after getting snagged on a bumper. Since his cane was busted he was unable to walk away from this wreck. This wreck takes his lifetime record to 4-0-1, as the other 17 never even touched him.

The good news is speeds were low enough that there were no injuries outside of Opus getting a few scrapes, and he’s getting held overnight because doctors are worried there might be other injuries they can’t find because who the hell walks away from a 19 car pileup?! Also because his cane was broken he couldn’t actually walk very good and he looks like he’s drunk when he walks without one so they took him to get tested for drugs and alcohol and other injuries.

And check the date.