There was a terrible wreck

While Opus was crossing the street today in the fog. Only the first two vehicles actually hit him the other 17 ran into the vehicle in front of them. Opus was crossing a 4 lane street with a median and two vehicles ran the red light as Opus was crossing with the light just like the first time he was hit.

Opus is very angry as his cane that his mother gave him in December of 2001 was ruined, and one of his two pair of long pants had the seat ripped out after getting snagged on a bumper. Since his cane was busted he was unable to walk away from this wreck. This wreck takes his lifetime record to 4-0-1, as the other 17 never even touched him.

The good news is speeds were low enough that there were no injuries outside of Opus getting a few scrapes, and he’s getting held overnight because doctors are worried there might be other injuries they can’t find because who the hell walks away from a 19 car pileup?! Also because his cane was broken he couldn’t actually walk very good and he looks like he’s drunk when he walks without one so they took him to get tested for drugs and alcohol and other injuries.

And check the date.

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