The story of shedding the winter fur is complete for this year

And it was EPIC! this year.

You probably read the story of getting the clippers (or you’re going to click back a page, I’ll wait) well getting the haircut was an even bigger slog over two days. I don’t like to dunk on DART, but Thursday was very dunkable. The barbershop I go to for the flattop is two buses from Casa de El Poeta and closes at 1800 weekdays and Saturday. Well it’s about a half hour ± from the house to the shop by bus, and I was tired of dropping $10-15 for a ride that only costs me $1.50 on DART. Well after what I went through on Thursday I decided to cough up the $$ on Friday.

First up, I was going to catch the 1636 bus on Thursday at the corner so I left early to not be late because there was a gusty wind blowing that was hard to stand up in, a few minutes after 1600. I know I got to the stop at 1625, because I activated my pass a couple of minutes after I got there and the timestamp on the pass was 1627 9 minutes before the bus was supposed to get there. Google Maps has the trip from the transfer station to the barbershop at 3 minutes, passing 5 stops. If I had caught the 1636 I would have been there by 1700. But there wasn’t a 1636 to catch, the next scheduled run was 1706, which was canceled, and the bus that was scheduled to be there at 1636 showed up at 1703. I got to the transfer station at 1712, with my transfer supposed to leave at 1715 and let me off at 1718 almost directly in front of the shop.

Notice I wrote “supposed” to leave. And the next schedule was supposed to leave at 1745 and still get me to the shop before closing at 1800. Well I gave that one up as hopeless at 1755 and set my sights on home. The next bus home was supposed to leave at 1759, and the next schedule was supposed to leave at 1830, again “supposed”. The next bus home showed up a couple minutes before 1900 and I got to the house wore out by trying to keep my feet against the wind just before 1930.

Friday I summoned a Lyft (which I’m still insisting sounds like a cantrip spell in D&D) and coughed up the $13 to get to the barbershop a little after 1700, waited my turn and got an excellent haircut, and then the stylist offered me a ride home, and I was home by 1820.

Anyway this was what I looked like Wednesday at the start of the process.

Fuzzy Wuzzy to begin with

After buzzing off the chin fur

The more heroic look after buzzing off the chin fur.
The more heroic view after buzzing off the chin fur

After shaving the stubble away

Brushed my hair for the heroic view

The final product with the stubble of waiting a day longer to get it cut

The first pictures with the green shirt were taken on Wednesday, the one with the blue shirt was Friday evening. Notice in the last picture the long eyebrow hairs coming from the bridge of my nose are gone. And that was the saga of taking 3 days to get a shave and a haircut.


One response to “The story of shedding the winter fur is complete for this year

  1. aviationmetalsmith

    Speaking of haircuts, my neighbors son just got out of Paris Island, next stop Camp Lejeune.


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